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  1. WDW Kingdomcast Episode #080 - Blackout | WDW KINGDOMCAST

    On this episode of the WDW Kingdomcast we are joined by Ricky Brigante of "Inside the Magic" and Jeff Humbucker of "Communicore Weekly" as they recap their recent visit to "Blackout - The Elements". I don't even think you could call this a hanuted house/attraction, it seems more like a bondage or snuff film that you pay to be part of. This truly seems to be a very immersive experience in all the wrong ways. "But they can't touch you on these kinda things right?" WRONG. For $65 and a signature on a waiver you too can have your ass rung through the ringer in a world of shit! This experience is not for the faint of heart from which you will soon find out. Some of these scenarios seem fappable, but as Ricky and Jeff assure us, they were definitely not. Blackout is in no way shape or form related to anything Disney, but many are very curious to an attraction that can push the limits this far regardless. It's very easy to imagine the rooms and scenarios as Ricky and Jeff take us through it. Think its for you? Take a listen and find out!WARNING: ADULT CONTENT INTENDED FOR THOSE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. ALL SHOWS ARE MARKED AS EXPLICIT

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  2. Back to Work #11: Johnny Heuristic - 5by5

    Merlin Mann joins Dan Benjamin to talk about futureproofing your passion by finding your obsession and voice, putting away your buggy whip and evolving, spreading your chips out across safe and risky investments, and taking smarter chances.


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