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  1. #30 – Interstellar – Settling the Score

    Some inexorable interdimensional force seems to have drawn Jon and Andy to talk about Hans Zimmer’s score for the 2014 outer space epic Interstellar. Why was a pipe organ such an unusual but apt choice for Zimmer? How does he sculpt tonal colors that range from quite delicate to maybe-too-loud? And, what would happen to this podcast if it fell into a black hole? 


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  2. Presentable #84: Ethical Design in an Age of Uncertainty - Relay FM

    Special guest Cennydd Bowles joins the show. He’s a designer, futurist, and author of the book Future Ethics. We discuss what we can learn from the digital mistakes of the past to inform the designs of the future.


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  3. Design Systems Podcast 10. Jeremy Keith: Overcoming Entropy and Turning Chaos Into Order

    Chris and Jeremy Keith discuss imbuing teams with a shared sense of ownership of their design system, creating design systems able to address unforeseen scenarios, design ops as an essential part of an effective design system, and more.


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  4. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 43: Jeremy Keith (Mandolin)

    Jeremy Keith is the founder and keeper of thesession.org, probably the greatest Irish music resource in the world. And this episode hopefully has something of the generous essence of that community. We talk making things and sharing them, music, people and being the janitor for an online community. There’s so much in here, a treasure trove of insights (from Jeremy, not us.)


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  5. Podcast: Erin Maglaque and Thomas Jones · Four Hundred Years of Quarantine · LRB 30 March 2020

    Erin Maglaque talks to Thomas Jones about the lockdown imposed by the city of Florence in January 1631 in response to a plague outbreak, the similarities with our current situation, and the differences.

    Maglaque wrote about the plague in Florence in a recent issue of the LRB, reviewing Florence Under Siege: Surviving Plague in an Early Modern City by John Henderson.


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  6. ‘In disasters, most people are altruistic, brave, communitarian, generous…’ says Rebecca Solnit | CBC Radio

    Author Rebecca Solnit has an enduring fascination with what happens to communities in times of crisis, and what disasters reveal about human nature. With the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and its radical impact on our lives here in Canada, Solnit’s research on disasters becomes even more resonant.


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  7. Rebecca Solnit — Falling Together - The On Being Project

    The writer on how we become our brothers’ keepers when our ordinary divides and patterns are shattered.


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  8. An Unfinished Lesson: What The 1918 Flu Tells Us About Human Nature

    It’s easy to stare out your window at the nearly empty streets, at the people wearing masks and leaving a six-foot berth for passersby, and to believe that this is a moment unlike any other. To assume that the fear, the haphazard responses to the pandemic, the radical adjustments people are making to their lives—that these are all unprecedented.

    But like most extraordinary moments, this one has a long trail that leads to it. Just over a century ago, a new infectious disease overtook the globe. Its history has long been buried, subsumed beneath the story of World War I. Historian Nancy Bristow believes it’s no mistake that Americans have focused on their victory in the war rather than on the devastation of the 1918 flu pandemic.


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  9. The Economist Asks: Sir David Attenborough

    For decades Sir David Attenborough has brought the natural world into people’s homes. But his upcoming film, “A Life On Our Planet”, offers a stark message about human impact on the environment. Anne McElvoy asks the godfather of natural history television where he draws the line between wonder and warning. Does his work have the power to change hearts and minds or is he preaching to the choir? They talk about whether the climate could be the only winner from the global covid-19 pandemic and why he has stopped trying to get through to President Trump. Plus, a knock at the door and an unexpected question.


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  10. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 42: Darren, Dom, Dom’s Uncle Leo and Sean Matthews

    An unexpected journey, in the company of Darren, Dom, Dom’s Uncle Leo, Sean Matthews and the landlady in Carberry’s, Drogheda.


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