201: Coronavirus, Stock Market, Oil, & Recession with Richard Duncan! | Financial Podcast 2020

We live in a world where things can change fast! A couple of weeks ago, it seemed like this novel coronavirus was some exotic disease in China.

Before you know it, it became a big enough problem in Italy to cause a national lockdown. Then last week, the NBA season in the United States was suspended.

What’s going to happen by the time I release this podcast? Who knows?

I’m sure you are getting information from a lot of places on this coronavirus situation, but let me give you my perspective on this as a physician and also as an investor.

Coronavirus is NOT the Spanish flu of 1918 that lowered US life expectancy by 10 years and killed off 2-3 percent of the planet’s human population. Spanish flu paradoxically was particularly virulent to young healthy people with a strong immune system.

You see, the way that virus killed people was by triggering an immune response. Young healthy people with strong immune systems had the most powerful immune responses and, therefore, were disproportionately dying from the infection.

Covid-19 AKA novel coronavirus is different. In many respects, it is a smarter virus. You see, a virus that kills all of its hosts doesn’t last for long. What makes this coronavirus so challenging for us is that, for most people (80 percent), the symptoms are quite mild or non-existent…

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