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  1. Lemmings, by Richard Matheson, read by Walter O’Hara

    This is a very short story by Richard Matheson, a famous television writer and master of the short story form. Written as a parable about nuclear war (in 1953), it was not received well, and in some jurisdictions people actually wanted it banned. I rather like the darkly ironic tone and imagery of this short-short piece. I have always read it very differently from the author’s intent, and took the allegory as representing the madness of popular culture. Go figure!

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  2. The Defenders - Philip K. Dick

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  3. audioto.me: The Skull by Philip K. Dick

    An early short story by legendary science fiction author Philip K. Dick. (http://2xrainbow.com/audiotome/category/podcast)

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  4. The Poor Little Matchgirl, by Hans Christian Anderson

    The Hans Christian Anderson tragic short story, oddly suited for Christmas time. Read by Walter O’Hara On "Aery Persiflage" http://misternizz.podbean.com/ and The Third Point of Singularity http://misternizz.wordpress.com

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