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  1. Confessions of a Crap Artist

    Philip K Dick is now world famous, thanks to films like Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report. But in the last years of his life he encountered something so strange and troubling he couldn't stop writing about it. Writer Ken Hollings asks: was it Phil's fault God talked to him or was it God's? Broadcast on Monday 16 January 2006, 20:30 on BBC Radio 4.

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  2. A lecture by Robert J. Sawyer

    From TVO: BIG IDEAS - "Author Robert J. Sawyer explains how Hollywood's approach to science fiction, starting with George Lucas' Star Wars, has dulled the edge that made science fiction such a pertinent film genre. Sawyer dissects the problematic aspects of the original Star Wars film and shows how science fiction books continue to tackle difficult issues while their big screen counterparts take the easy road of big explosions and small ideas." - February 2008

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  3. The Invader

    "The Invader" is a simple science fiction tale from 1953, but it still holds up as one of Escape's best episodes. It shares some strong similarities to The Twilight Zone's 1961 episode "The Invaders" and to an X Minus One episode from 1956 called "Pictures Don't Lie" but neither has the wit of Escape's story.

    "The Invader" begins with an atomic bomb test in the Nevada desert. The explosion is observed by a space ship on its way to visit the Earth carrying the advance guard of a more evolved race.

    "The Invader" was directed by Antony Ellis and written by Michael Gray. It starred Howard McNear as Albert Tanner, Fay Baker as Martha, and Edgar Barrier as the Commander. Also appearing were Paul Frees, Peter Leeds, Bill Bissell and LeRoy Leonard.

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