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  1. Stress, canvas, and jam  |  Web  |  Google Developers

    In this episode:

    • Jake and Surma stress about Chrome Dev Summit.
    • Surma fails to go to America.
    • Offscreen canvas.
    • Low latency canvas.
    • Buzzword of the month: Jam stack.
    • "When is it good to not be jam".
    • A man left £2 on a train.
    • Radio alphabets.
    • And also radio alphabets.


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  2. John Papa: PWAs -Real Talk JavaScript Episode 0004

    John, Ward, and Dan Wahlin talk with Maxim Salnikov about his experience as a Progressive Web Apps PWA expert. Maxim discusses what they are and when he uses them, along with browser support, and how he uses service workers. Maxim shares a lot of tips on building and debugging PWAs


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  3. 154 – ☀️ Dan Mall – An Event Apart Orlando 2018 – Thunder Nerds

    From one designer to a front-end developer: I’m so grateful for you. You take my pretty pictures and turn them into real-live websites and applications; you convert ideas and sketches into real things that people can use. And even despite that superpower, you rarely get the respect you deserve. It’s time for that to change. No longer will I throw my comps over the proverbial wall for you to blindly build. I’ll change my process for you. Let’s sketch together more to be more efficient and effective as a team. Let’s decide in the browser more. I’ll learn to write JSON for you. Let’s share stories about new, more modern ways of shipping products at higher quality in record time. This is gonna be great!


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  4. 328: Jen Simmons and Intrinsic Web Design - ShopTalk

    Jen Simmons is back to talk about what’s new in Firefox including a dev tools update. We also chat about sub grid, variable font support, and discuss whether all the new stuff that’s been added over the last few years heralds a new era of web design.


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  5. Presentable #51: An Oral History of Web Standards With Jeffrey Zeldman - Relay FM

    Designer, author, speaker, publisher, podcaster and longtime friend Jeffrey Zeldman joins the show to reminisce on the origin of the Web Standards Project and it’s legacy 20 years on.


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  6. 326: Learning Web Design with Jennifer Robbins - ShopTalk

    Jennifer Robbins stops by ShopTalk Show to talk about her recently updated book, Learning Web Design - what’s been updated, who the book is for, and what’s changed since she first published the book.


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  7. CORB, BroadcastChannel, and the resting Switch face  |  Web  |  Google Developers

    Also spices, screen-touchers, and lasers.


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  8. Friends Talk Frontend #26: Jeremy Keith (Part 1)

    Jeremy Keith is a web developer, author, and musician. We talk about the history of computing and his new book Going Offline.


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  9. Going Offline: Service Workers with Jeremy Keith

    We have special guest Jeremy Keith from ClearLeft to discuss Service Workers: what they are, how users can benefit from them, and how we implement them. Jeremy authored the book “Going Offline” which goes into glorious detail on the subject, so he’s well positioned to discuss the topic.

    We talk about how using a Service Worker can beneficially impact the user experience by allowing your website to still function despite spotty or no Internet connection at all. We also delve into many practical applications of the technology.

    We discuss how in-browser technologies like Service Workers allow websites to act more like “apps”, how Service Workers are installed, and how they are like a virus, a toolbox, and a duckbilled platypus at once.


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  10. Episode 54 - Gatekeepers | The Just Problem - Relative Paths

    This week we discussed dealing with the problem of gatekeeping in the web industry, the tendency to deploy dogmatic or arbitrary standards to keep people out.


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