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  1. Season 3 Episode 8: Rivers Cuomo and Guido van Rossum — Sing for Science

    Rock icon Rivers Cuomo goes deep on coding talk with Python computer

    language creator and programming icon, Guido Van Rossum. We talk about the

    history of The Sweater Song, coding vs songwriting, the history of Python

    and much, much more!


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  2. A Tale of 2 Barons by If These Ovaries Could Talk | Podchaser

    A Tale of 2 Barons from If These Ovaries Could Talk on Podchaser, aired Monday, 8th April 2019.

    Research shows a millennial LGBTQ baby boom is coming. Is that because millennials don’t have any preconceived concerns or worries around creating a family? We brought in a young gay couple to educate us…


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  3. Who should pay to play? Should guests pay hosts or should listeners pay hosts? #value4value #transparency #trust. Is Thread.land the best place to leave your comments?

    Guest Interviews

    John Spurlock - Thread.land  

    Matt Maderios - Castos

    Show Notes

    Acast has released the company’s Q2/22 financial report.The Swedish company now hosts 66,000 podcasts (a record growth last quarter); the number of listens in the quarter increased 41% year-on-year. The comp…


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  4. ‎Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman: 16. Build a more human internet, w/Caterina Fake (Etsy, Kickstarter, Flickr, “Should This Exist?”) on Apple Podcasts

    ‎Whatever you are when you're small gets amplified when you grow. So if you're starting any kind of online community (social media, ecommerce, crowdfunding), be careful what you cultivate. Caterina Fake has founded or invested in companies with interesting and influential communities — Flickr, Etsy,…


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