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  1. Snail Time w/ Luisa Ji

    Our latest broadcast with guest Luisa Ji gives us pause to consider the collective fictions of The Backrooms, what it’s like to be a snail, and how Ketamine teletherapy might affect society’s long-term mental health.

    / The Backrooms The Backrooms began as a meme showcasing odd, liminal spaces like empty offices or hotel conference centres, often accompanied by fictional writing about the spaces. Since then, members of the Blender community have rendered them into videos of endless rooms and corridors, occupied by strange characters and creepy messages. What do the Backrooms say about our need to find common ground online?

    / Snail Time How does it feel to be a snail? Recent meditation memes and scientific papers about these gliding gastropods give us pause to consider how embracing "snail time" might lead to more economic decision making or simply learning to be more chill.

    / Ketamine Teletherapy Teletherapy became a popular modality throughout the isolation of the pandemic. Mindbloom is a company using that modality in combination with Ketamine to help people "break through the obstacles holding [them] back from fulfilling [their] potential." Do generalized therapies like this take too broad a stance on the issues underlying our mental health?

    All of From Later's signals can be found on our Are.na page here …

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  2. “Children of the KKK”: White Supremacist Patriot Front Marches Through Boston, Attacks Black Artist

    Boston officials claim they had no prior knowledge of a march through the city by about 100 members of the white supremacist group Patriot Front on Saturday. Local anti-fascist organizers contronted the marchers, who also attacked a local Black artist named Charles Murrell. We speak to Boston civil rights activist Reverend Kevin Peterson, who is an adviser to Murrell; investigative journalist Phillip Martin, who has documented the rise of the neo-Nazi movement in Massachusetts; and Michael Edison Hayden with the Southern Poverty Law Center. Peterson is calling for an internal investigation into the Boston police over its response to Saturday's violence. His group, the New Democracy Coalition, is also calling for Boston Mayor Michelle Wu to develop a race commission to explore what would constitute reparations for Black people.


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  3. Sad Punks 059 – Jake Flores

    With this episode we bring you a playlist curated by comedian Jake Flores! Jake’s Sad Punks mix includes songs by Mishka Shubaly, Hop Along, Defiance, Ohio, Mitski, Angel Olsen, and Jeff Rosenstock! Be sure to support each of these artists, and to check out Jake’s show Pod Damn America! As always, thank you to Rubee for the artwork for this episode! If you have a business inquiry for Rubee, just send an email to rubee@sadpunks.com. You can also pick up one of her remakes of famous paintings, which are made-to-order and can be purchased at rubeetrue.com/buy/famous-painting.

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  4. Venezuela: The Impasse of Chavismo With Eva Maria

    The government of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, the successor to Hugo Chávez, is undergoing a severe crisis—with weeks of protests by forced on the right and left. Moving to shore up power, Maduro has called for a constitutional convention that critics are calling anti-democratic. This talk will examine the legacy of Chavismo and where Venezuela is headed today.

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