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  1. Crossroads

    In this short, we go looking for the devil, and find ourselves tangled in a web of details surrounding one of the most haunting figures in music—a legendary guitarist whose shadowy life spawned a legend so powerful, it’s still being repeated…even by fans who don’t believe a word of it.

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  2. The True Story of Natchez Burning | WBEZ


    in a small Mississippi town made a huge impact on local and federal laws. And this tragedy also changed the music scene, especially in Chicago. For WBEZ, Ron Brown brings us the history.

    Blues legend Chester Burnett, also known as Howlin’ Wolf, cut one of his most haunting records at Chess Studios in Chicago in 1956.

    It’s called The Natchez Burning and it’s a classic piece of mournful blues music. But it’s also a true story…

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  3. A Hard Fight For A Political Voice In Biloxi, Miss. : NPR


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