Kibbe and Finnegan 91 - It Sucks When People Steal Your Bike and Your Mazda

Hey - want to see a podcast recording where I'm about half asleep and we talk about things that have been stolen from our lives? Fear not. This is the one you've been waiting for. The tale of the Mazdarati is shared in detail. I still miss that truck.

Don't forget, this is a shortened up version of the full length audio show we release every week. What you WON'T get to see unfortunately is an awesome interview Kibbe did with a guy who is a model maker for Hollywood productions and really cool theme parks. He literally made a scale replica of "Cooter's Garage," the hallowed fictional ground where the greatest flying orange Dodge Charger ever made was created.

Links are below to listen - and it's FREE. Thank you again to MeUndies for supporting our show and Kibbe's holiday ferver. Check it out at the link below and get our 15% discount!

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