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  1. Ep. 342: “The Scrappy Sessions” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann’s frank & candid weekly phone call with John Roderick of The Long Winters


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  2. Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 2): Q Edition

    Ross and Carrie continue their adventures at the Conscious Life Expo 2020, meeting Nikola Tesla’s intellectual heir, trying out Superhero Lotion, learning all about pyramids you play songs into, and meeting the coolest, hippest young person to ever…. talk to aliens who endorse Q-Anon? Things continue to get weird, in part two of our long weekend at LA’s most conscious convention.

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  3. The global scrap market with Adam Minter

    We talk with Adam Minter, a columnist at Bloomberg and author of the fantastic book Junkyard Planet: Travels in the Billion-Dollar Trash Trade.

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  4. Gangs

    Isn’t it amazing how we can only imagine our monsters capitalistically?” Mike tells Sarah how police, prosecutors and journalists accidentally conspired to invent the perfect suburban menace. Digressions include IKEA, the “Godfather” trilogy and Fleetwood Mac. Mike takes big gulping breaths when he reads out loud.

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  5. How Sruthi Tracks

    At a school where I taught radio, in the mic booth, there was a photo of Studs Terkel hanging on the wall. Under it, someone wrote “Talk to Studs.”

    The picture was there to help with tracking. Narration will sound more conversational if you pretend you’re talking to Studs, the thinking went. After all, that’s the goal, right? To track like you’re just talking to someone.

    Hanging up a picture and talking to it may be a good (and slightly weird) first step toward tracking naturally, Sruthi Pinnemaneni of Reply All takes things a whole lot further because she’s driven to avoid sounding like she’s reading something written. She very much wants listeners to fall into a story because her voice sounds unaffected and genuine.

    “(At Reply All) we try to track in a way that is closer to ‘I’m telling a story to somebody,’” she says. “When we’re tracking, we almost always have a producer or someone in the room where we’re trying to recreate that feeling of ‘I’m here and I’m feeling the excitement and joy that I know exists in this story.’”

    She says it’s not just a matter of talking to that person in the room. They help, too. They offer feedback, of course. But, they also play tape. Sruthi listens to a quote in her story then, right as it finishes, she narrates.

    “The tape always carries a certain kind of emotion,” she explained to me. “Either you’re surprised by what the person is saying or what the person is saying makes you laugh. And so you want the tracking, the line that you’re saying out of it, to carry that emotion.”

    What else does she do? Sruthi lays it out in this episode of HowSound.

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  6. The Talk Show, ep. 238 ‘Fort Jason Sudeikis’, With Special Guest Jason Snell

    Special guest Jason Snell returns to the show. Topics include BBEdit’s 25th anniversary, the saga of Word 6 for Mac in the 1990s, Mac iOS user interface differences (including an extensive discussion of Mojave’s craptacular “Marzipan” apps, and a few varying theories on what those apps portend), Photos on Mac and iOS, and, of course, keyboards.


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  7. Reimagining the Typewriter

    In this episode Chris Gondek speaks with author Tom Mullaney on the invention of the Chinese typewriter, and how the characters originally utilized are still the ones available on modern keyboards.

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  8. Mindful Cyborgs - Episode 63 - Occulted and Embedded: Magick in the Internet and Security Agencies with Ingrid Burrington

    Episode 63 - Guest Ingrid Burrington comes on to share some of her recent work on the intersection of the occult and tech. Hint: there is more than you think.

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  9. Classics and the Alt-Right Conundrum

    Existential fears of “losing” what is seen as “Western Civilization” have animated many within what is considered the alt-right. However, the valorization of “western civilization” is often rooted in romanticized notions of ancient Greece and Rome, which alt-right groups have appropriated and promoted in recent propaganda. Why and how do nationalists in Europe and the U.S. draw contemporary connections to ancient Greece and Rome? What are the consequences of this for our understandings of the ancient era? And what should scholars in the Classics and History do about it? On this episode of History Talk, hosts Jessica Viñas-Nelson and Brenna Miller speak with three classists to discuss the alt-right’s appropriation of classical history: Denise Eileen McCoskey, Donna Zuckerberg, and Curtis Dozier.

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  10. 02-08: eBird’s Global Big Day with Ian Davies & Kyle Horton

    19 April 2018 at 10:00

    Spring is right around the corner. And if you’re going to be birding, you might as well be eBirding. You should definitely be eBirding on May 5th, eBird’s annual Global Big Day. Last year birders recorded more than 6600 species from 160 different countries on one day. eBird’s Project Coordinator Ian Davies joins host Nate Swick to talk about the Global Big Day initiative.

    Also, radar ornithologist Kyle Horton talks about Cornell’s Birdcast project, which recently launched live migration maps, an amazing tool to help birders maximize their opportunities to see great birds this spring.

    Nate is back in the driver’s seat to talk about warbler obsession, Florida birding, and birds at airports.

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