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  1. Episode 167 – The Vanishings (Left Behind Kids #1)

    Remember the Left Behind series? Did you know it also had a middle grade spinoff series about what would happen to the ungodly children who were left behind when their parents were Raptured? Well: it did, and we read book #1, The Vanishings by Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim LaHaye, along with our sisters in our cult club, Ashley and Grace. Listen now if you want to be saved!

    Announcement: Worst Bestsellers is doing a live virtual show hosted by Porter Square Books with special guest Margaret H. Willison! It will be Wednesday, March 31st at 8PM ET. And it’s free! Sign up here.

    Readers advisory: Here.

    Footnotes: Parcast Cults podcast

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  2. Reply All - #91 The Russian Passenger

    Somewhere in Russia, a man calls for a car. Somewhere in New York City, a stranger's phone buzzes.

    Email us at and use the subject "theory" if you think you can provide us additional information.

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  3. Reply All - #93 Beware All

    This week, we discover who was actually behind the hack of Alex Blumberg’s Uber account. This episode picks up where Episode 91, The Russian Passenger, left off. Further Info Come see Alex and PJ at The Bell House with Linda Holmes! Wirecutter on password managers

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  4. Reply All | #83 Voyage Into Pizzagate

    A conspiracy theory, a pizza related map, and a website fighting for its very soul.

    Further Reading

    Bryan Menegus’ great article, “Reddit is Tearing Itself Apart.”

    An interview with Edgar Welch, the Pizzagate gunman.

    The Donald Subreddit

    If you have a question about a story we’ve reported this year, please email a voice memo of 30 seconds or less to with the subject line “updates.”


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  5. Song Exploder : The Long Winters - The Commander Thinks Aloud

    On February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart while reentering the earth's atmosphere. John Roderick, singer and songwriter of The Long Winters, wrote "The Commander Thinks Aloud" about that fateful moment. This episode was made from an interview I did with John Roderick in front of a live audience in Seattle, where we discussed how and why he made this song.

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