The Return of Evernote: Chat with Ian Small

EVERNOTE hasn’t released a major update for 18 months - but now with their foundations and backend resolved, they can build new features and once again innovate in the note-taking space. We chat with their CEO, Ian Small to talk about what’s been happening and what’s next? Is this the return of Evernote?

TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Introductions 00:34 - The new iOS 10 Edition 01:58 - What’s been happening? 07:15 - Will you ship features faster now? 10:10 - Why did you go with Electron Apps? 13:52 - Roam vs Evernote, Notion vs Evernote 20:08 - How does Evernote view innovation now? 24:39 - What do you say to ex-Evernote users? 29:01 - What new features are coming? 32:04 - What does Ian use?

📚 NEXT UP ON YOUTUBE - First Impressions of Roam Research: - How to Implement GTD in Notion: - Zapier’s New Zappy Tool:


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