Facebook Connect: John Carmack Unscripted Live [Archive]

We restreamed a direct feed of the Facebook Connect presentation offered by John Carmack at 5:30PM PT on Sept. 16, 2020.

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00:00:00 John Carmack starts talking 00:03:03 “Global lockdown and pandemic…" 00:04:35 “Frankly I’m kind of embarrassed by our social story here…” 00:05:12 “Location-based VR has probably taken a terminal hit…” 00:06:00 "People are ok with making a sweaty mess in their own personal headset..” 00:12:07 “Reality…just seamlessly flows into the simulation…” 00:14:06 “Quest 2 is better, faster, cheaper, and we’re making a ton more of them…" 00:14:54 “"Resolution is 3664x1920…” 00:16:33 “You could start doing some real work with it…" 00:18:34 “Best display that we’ve ever had…" 00:31:29 “Still haven’t announced a full wireless connection system for Link…we should have some kind of an Air Link” 00:32:47 Qualcomm XR2 00:59:12 “Whatever the next headset is we’ve got to get higher resolution on the tracking cameras.” 01:00:45 “We did look at this for the latter days of Gear VR, doing this kind of two part plug-in instead of drop-in, and there may still be some useful things to go there.” 01:00:59 “There are still some things for which Go is the best headset”…

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXmY26pOE-Y
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