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I’m an animator from Rochester, NY. I drive a plastic car. Here are some podcasts that interest me. Mainly about movies, books, technology, and science.

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  1. The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema #375: Kamikaze and Mrs. Miller

    Welcome back for another glorious extra long episode of the GGtMC!!!

    This week is programmed and also co-hosted by the Mighty Joe Yanick and he chose McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971) directed by Robert Altman and Kamikaze ‘89 (1982) directed by Wolf Gremm and starring Rainer Werner Fassbinder!!! we want to thank Joe for the support and for coming on to help with the show this week!!!

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  2. Indie Film Academy #43: Roger Corman, Still Hollywood’s Wild Angel

    On today’s episode of the Indie Film Academy Podcast, I get to talk with one of my heroes. From the moment I read about Roger Corman’s story, it resonated with me on a very deep level. He started his filmmaking career by making films he funded out of his own pocket. And he has been able to thrive as an independent producer for nearly six decades. Although his films are often considered B movies, Corman has never lost money on a film. His films like Death Race 2000, Wild Angels, and The Raven are Cult Classics. He has also helped launch the careers of Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Joe Dante, Ron Howard and Jonathan Demme by giving them their first break.

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  3. You Bet Your Life Episode 227, December 2, 1953

    You Bet Your Life: "Secret Word - Face - Helen Wilde & E. Pollock / Mayor Loomis & Phone Girl / Norman Carrol & Bullocks"

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  4. The Hollywood Gauntlet: Raiders Story Conference

    An audio performance of the original 1978 RAIDERS STORY CONFERENCE, from the transcript with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan.

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  5. Jonathan Winters’ “A Christmas Carol”

    Master comedian Jonathan Winters presents a distinctive reading of "A Christmas Carol," using a special performing edition prepared by Dickens for his own presentations.

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  6. RubberOnion Animation Podcast #110: Doug Bresler

    This week we interview Doug Bresler, creator of Doogtoons and his new podcast “Animation Ninja!” This is a new one for us because the day we recorded this episode, Doug ALSO interviewed us for his podcast and part 1 of that interview is going up on the same day as this one (the link is in this post). We talk with Doug about his fascinating path through the early internet animation landscape and if that’s transferable to today, his relationship with Weird Al Yankovic and how THAT came about, he drops one of my favorite metaphors ever and he gives advice on things like when to take a job, when you might want an entertainment lawyer, and a bunch more!

    Listen for sharks and dolphins, “clean set,” the Trapped in the Drive-Thru story, and the fact that nobody is Gargamel.

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  7. Longform Podcast #159: Ira Glass

    Ira Glass is the host and executive producer of This American Life.“You can only have so many questions about feelings, I think. At some point people are just like alright, enough with the feelings.”

    Thanks to MailChimp, EA SPORTS FIFA 16, Fracture, and FRONTLINE’s "My Brother’s Bomber for sponsoring this week’s episode.

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  8. Circulating Ideas Episode 76: Merlin Mann | Circulating Ideas

    Steve chats with Merlin Mann about his history with libraries, the importance of the library as a community space, why libraries aren’t dead, and checking in with the Library Elf. Merlin Mann is an independent writer, speaker, and broadcaster based in San Francisco. Merlin created 43 Folders, co-hosts Back to Work, Roderick on the Line, and Reconcilable Differences (and appears on…

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  9. Seth Godin Keynote

    From where?


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  10. Let’s Talk Native 10-18-15 part 2

    Let’s Talk Native with John Kane. With guest filmmaker Adrian Esposito.

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