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  1. SXSW 2012: 1,000 Voices: Redefining Creative Collaboration

    We often think of collaboration as what happens when one person invites another to help make a project better. What happens when you collaborate with a crowd? With everyone from professional dancers to strangers on the sidewalk? By expanding our notion of collaboration, we can make a bigger impact — both on and offline. But, how many chefs can you invite into the kitchen before you spoil the soup?

    In the creation of Girl Walk // All Day, we embraced collaboration on a wide range of scales, from the individual to the crowd, and across many web platforms. By starting with the mashup musician Girl Talk’s album All Day — an artful collage of the last four decades of pop music — we created a feature-length dance film shot in the streets of New York. Throughout the filmmaking process, we openly sought input and participation from the film’s dancers, our fan-base on the web, Kickstarter backers, and people throughout city. Each of these relationships had a crucial impact in shaping our final film.

    By inviting broad participation in all parts of our filmmaking process, we learned how to galvanize a crowd’s excitement without diluting our project’s vision. We continue to use this energy to guide the film’s distribution, inviting followers to influence what the future of the film will look like.


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  2. SXSW 2012: Funny Or Die’s How To Succeed In Videos By Trying

    Making an Internet video is tough and making a good Internet video is almost impossible. Find out Funny Or Die’s process for creating videos from the people who make them. Sit down with writers, directors and producers from Funny Or Die’s illustrious pool of employees to learn how they come up with ideas, execute them and then make sure they get views. Just like your favorite days in grade school, there will be videos to subsidize this educational experience.


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  3. SXSW 2012: Shooting and Editing the Non Scripted Feature

    An examination of the changing face of feature film production in the realm of the non scripted, improvised feature film. Acclaimed director Barry Jenkins moderates a panel discussion with Filmmaker Amy Seimetz, Editor Nat Sanders and Director of Photography Benjamin Kasulke to examine their changing roles as collaborative filmmakers in the world of the improvised film.

    We will look at the recent trend of improvised feature filmmaking in the American Indie scene and take a technical look at how the roles of Director, Editor, and Director of Photography intersect on a script-less feature film. We will discuss specific examples from improvised feature films worked on by Seimetz and Sanders and Kasulke, two longtime Independent collaborators. Through discussion of filmmaking technique and audience Q&A we will explore the positives and negatives of working in this method.


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  4. SXSW 2012: We Are Legion: Digital (R)Evolution

    WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists (SXSW 2012) takes us inside the world of Anonymous, the radical "hacktivist" collective that has redefined civil disobedience for the digital age. The film traces the collective’s evolution from merry pranksters to a full-blown movement with a global reach. In the last year, Anonymous has been associated with attacks or “raids” on hundred’s of targets ranging from financial institutions, cyber-security firms to foreign dictators. They played a vital role in the “Occupy” movement and recently launched the largest DDoS attacks in history against Hollywood for their support of SOPA.

    Armed with colleagues from the filmmaking and digital communities, writer/director Brian Knappenberger weighs in on the challenges of making the film, the roots of Anonymous, and their current battles with Hollywood.


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  5. SXSW 2012: In The Cloud: Your Film in a Post-Ownership World

    We are in the early stages of a massive paradigm shift that will forever change people’s attitudes towards “consuming” film and TV. With shelves of books, video and music reincarnated in the Cloud, opportunities for indies are rapidly changing. A $10 gross profit on a DVD is now a nickel for a stream. The proliferation of digital platforms—with Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Netflix leading the charge—calls for nimbleness, flexibility and DIY savvy. These skills are old-hat to the indie producer. And as we know, connecting social media between your film and its audience is key. New Video moderates a panel of filmmakers and technology experts who will share their vision of the future, critical insights on new trends, and concrete strategies for survival in a post-ownership world. Specializing in indie, documentary and art house films, New Video distributes across streaming, downloading and cable VOD platforms and hard goods to a broad spectrum of stores and platforms.


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  6. SXSW 2012: Multiplatform Storytelling: Frontline War Stories

    While the academics preach of the wonders and promise and “mechanics” of “transmedia” storytelling, there are pioneering producers on the ground really doing it. There are good days and bad. There is money and there is not. And then there are the fans. What does it take to pull off successful multiplatform storytelling?

    We are at the birth of a new industry, an inflection point, much like the history of film or radio or television or even the Internet where technology gives rise to a new means to tell stories. It is a time before the “institutionalization” of the multiplatform industry. And just like the history of film or TV the early pioneers are stepping out now and taking a lot of arrows. They are experimenting, learning what works and establishing best practices. They are master storytellers using and in some cases inventing new tools. They have failed and they have succeeded. And these are their stories.


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  7. SXSW 2012: Times Are a’Changin: Digital Storytelling Today

    The greatest filmmakers of the 20th Century long maintained that there was nothing comparable to watching an epic story told on a screen that enveloped our frame of vision..but they didn’t have smartphones, tablets or PC’s.

    As our consumption habits have adopted the same frenetic pace of our lives, a new breed of storyteller has emerged to match those habits. They don’t exist only in Hollywood—or in Austin, they exist in every corner of every town. Their stories are framed on an iPhone screen, through the viewfinder of a DSLR or on tablets. Content creators and distributors now have a duty to combine a story that might be viewed on any manner of screens.

    This panel will tackle the role of digital storytellers in this new digital age—from the everyday individual with a web cam, to the biggest stars in Hollywood, to the brands that are underwriting much of this new wave of content. We’ll also examine how major media companies are participating in this brave new world.


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  8. SXSW 2012: Coppola vs Kittens: Pro Filmmaking’s Online Future

    While the market for professionally crafted online films grows daily, the budgets to create them don’t. In this new media landscape, how do production companies continue to produce great work and still run a profitable operation? Much has been discussed about providing amateur filmmakers online voices, but here we flip the script and discuss how professional filmmakers can make the economics of online filmmaking work for them. From Vice to Vimeo, meet four folks cracking the code on how to deliver online films worth watching.


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  9. SXSW 2012: Empowering Filmmakers: Marketing/Distribution Keys

    Increasingly, filmmakers are becoming directly involved in the distribution and marketing of their own films. Veteran marketing strategist, Marc Schiller, and distribution specialist, Richard Abramowitz, will share their unique experiences working with directors and producers on the release of their films. The session will highlight their experiences and techniques collaborating on such films as the Academy Award nominated film, Exit Through The Gift Shop and the box office hit, Senna. The discussion will present specific tips and strategies that filmmakers can employ during the distribution and marketing process to increase success in the box office and digital release.


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  10. SXSW 2012: Screw the Big Screen, We Have the Web!

    As the battle between web and TV grows vicious, interactive and multi-platform videos are born. Platforms like XBOX Live and the impending Google TV will transform tv and ads into something we’ve never before experienced. Unfortunately, there is more competition for the attention of those eyes than you can shake a stick at. Hear from Emergent Order creative director, John Papola, about the art of web video and what it takes grab attention online and go viral. John has created videos that have driven millions of views online and some that haven’t, so he knows what works and what doesn’t. Hear about the science side from successful web video entrepreneur, Jen Grogono. Jen’s latest venture, uStudio, provides a platform for distributing video on an ever expanding number of channels and sites across the web and tracking important metrics across channels to show where you are hitting it and where you are falling flat.


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