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  1. Warren Ellis on The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs

    Posted by Matt Staggs on May 15, 2012

    Legendary comics author and novelist Warren Ellis joins me on The DisinfoCast for a conversation about the future that was, artificial intelligence, the Singularity, aliens (ancient and otherwise), the legacy of Hunter S. Thompson, porn and even a little bit about comic books. Tune in.


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  2. On the Media: will the internet deliver us or destroy us?

    A special, live broadcast of On the Media. Brooke, Bob, Ethan Zuckerman and other guests on the question: will the internet deliver us or destroy us?


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  3. SXSW: The Singularity is HERE

    Todd Marks presentation from SXSW 2011.

    The topic of Singularity is heating up as more people discuss what will become of the human race when computers exceed our intelligence. This presentation explores several theories about the future of mankind and points out how the technology leading us there is already HERE. “The Singularity is Near” is a book and movie written by futurist and prominent Singularitarian, Ray Kurzweil. It is a documentary with a B-line drama where Ray’s digital alter ego Ramona sets off on a quest to pass the Turing Test. Passing this test signifies the day computers can “think”, which came close to occurring a few years ago and is not far off. Learn what milestones we have already reached toward Singularity and what technologies present and future are leading us there. We will explore Location Based Services, Augmented Reality, Bio-Feedback and Smart Agents. We will analyze current trends in Bio-Technology, Nano-Technology, Computing and Robotics and discuss the possibility of Digital Immortality.


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  4. Ray Kurzweil

    From Singularity Summit 2008, Ray Kurzweil closes the Summit by showing the progress of technology and discussing the implications for the future.

    From http://singinst.org/media/singularitysummit2008

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  5. Triangulation 9: Ray Kurzweil

    Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt talk to author, inventor, and futurist, Ray Kurzweil.


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