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  1. Daughters of Darkness Ep 4: Andrzej Zuławski part 1

    In the fourth episode of Daughters of Darkness, Kat and Samm begin a four-part discussion of the career of Polish director Andrzej Zuławski. Meant to be a celebration of his life and incredible work, the episode begins with a brief discussion of his early years, particularly his training as an assistant director under Andrzej Wajda. This is followed by a discussion of his two short films for Polish television, The Story of Triumphant Love (1969) and Pavoncello (1969), two lesser seen and perhaps more conventional works, where he established a number of the themes he would use throughout his career: love triangles, troubled romance, hysterical women, literary source material, and dizzying staircase sequences. This is followed by a lengthy exploration of his first feature-length film, The Third Part of the Night (1971), which was co-written by Zuławski’s father, Mirosław, and is loosely based on the elder Zuławski’s experiences working in a typhus lab during the Nazi occupation. The episode wraps up with a look at The Devil (1972), Zuławski’s unhinged second feature, a film that was promptly banned by the communist government and resulted in Zuławski’s departure from Poland and relocation to France. Set during the period of German occupation in Poland in the late eighteenth century, the film follows the homeward odyssey of a troubled young man who is released from prison by a mysterious stranger.


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  2. Alternative Cinema Podcast 40: VHS

    Episode 40 - July 2012

    VHS is Back! VHS is King! VHS will Never Die! Plus…Friday the 13th! Al Adamson! Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection and More! The Gang’s all here – Michael, William, John and “The Russ”!


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  3. The Gentlemen’s Guide to Cinema Bonus #5: Interview with Mike Malloy

    Sun, 28 February 2010.

    In this bonus episode we interview Mike Malloy and talk about his upcoming documentary Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the 70’s. Join us for an in depth discussion on the making of the film and many other tidbits….it was a great conversation and we hope you enjoy!


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  4. THE NIGHT CREW Episode 0

    …hear about upcoming Asian cinema, new TV you should be watching, get a triple dose of witchy goodness with a discussion on I Married A Witch/ Burn Witch Burn/Witchhammer, and get info on the recent HG Lewis documentary screening in NYC, and the Shinjuku Outlaw: 13 Films By Takashi Miike retrospective going on RIGHT NOW at the Film Society Of Lincoln Center. Also, hear the music of the damned, trailer interludes…


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  5. VCinema Podcast 11: Bollywood Vampires

    From July 16, 2010.

    A review of the Bollywood vampire film Bandh Darwaza directed by the inimitable Ramsay Brothers. Other stuff in this episode includes more discussion about the New York Asian Film Festival, The Last Airbender, Sushi Typhoon, “Dragon” (don’t call me “Sogo”) Ishii, a slight revisit of Chang-Dong Lee’s Oasis, A Serbian Film, listener feedback, the official announcement of the VCinema Listener Review Contest winner, and more.


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