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  1. Wrong Reel 079 – Bill Plympton, ‘The Loneliest Stoplight’ & the Pioneers of Animation

    This week we sit down with Indie animation icon Bill Plympton and friend of the show, producer Adam Rackoff, to discuss their latest film, ‘The Loneliest Stoplight’ starring Patton Oswalt. Bill also speaks at length about the early days of animation, his favorite pioneers, and what animation continues to inspire him to this day.

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  2. Wrong Reel 045 – ‘Revengeance’ – A Conversation with Bill Plympton About Crowdfunding His Next Animated Film

    In a special episode we sit down with legendary animator Bill Plympton and his producer Adam Rackoff to discuss their Kickstarter Campaign to finance Bill’s next feature film, “Revengeance”. For the first time, Bill is collaborating with another animator, Jim Lujan, and the result is a wild and irreverent story that explores the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles. Bill needs your help to make the film happen and the rewards include an opportunity to appear as a character in the film.

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  3. Wrong Reel 040 – The King of Indie Animation – Bill Plympton, and His New Film Cheatin’

    In anticipation of the theatrical and digital release of his new animated feature film Cheatin’, Wrong Reel sits down with Indie Animation legend Bill Plympton and executive producer Adam Rackoff to discuss Plympton’s career to date and where it is headed. Full disclosure, Wrong Reel co-host James Hancock is one of the executive producers on Cheatin’ so any notion of objectivity is completely abandoned. Cheatin’ begins a nationwide tour on 4/3/15 (see www.cheatinmovie.com for screenings) and will be available on Vimeo On Demand 4/21/15.


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  4. Wrong Reel 372 – Bill Plympton, Jackie Greene & ‘The Modern Lives’

    Animator Bill Plympton joins James Hancock and Adam Rackoff to discuss his latest projects including his collaboration with musician Jackie Greene, a series of music videos called ‘The Modern Lives’ making its premiere at the SVA Theatre on March 28th at 7:00 pm.

    ‘The Modern Lives’ Screening: http://svatheatre.com/events/jackie-greene-bill-plymptons-music-video-extravaganza/

    Follow Bill Plympton on Twitter: https://twitter.com/plymptoons

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  5. RubberOnion Animation Podcast #110: Doug Bresler

    This week we interview Doug Bresler, creator of Doogtoons and his new podcast “Animation Ninja!” This is a new one for us because the day we recorded this episode, Doug ALSO interviewed us for his podcast and part 1 of that interview is going up on the same day as this one (the link is in this post). We talk with Doug about his fascinating path through the early internet animation landscape and if that’s transferable to today, his relationship with Weird Al Yankovic and how THAT came about, he drops one of my favorite metaphors ever and he gives advice on things like when to take a job, when you might want an entertainment lawyer, and a bunch more!

    Listen for sharks and dolphins, “clean set,” the Trapped in the Drive-Thru story, and the fact that nobody is Gargamel.


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  6. The Animation Guild: A Morning With Robert Alvarez — Part 1

    When it comes to animation, Robert Alvarez has done almost everything. "I’ve boarded, I’ve directed, I’ve designed, I’ve done backgrounds and I’ve animated. Everything but loading film." …

    While a student at Choinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, Robert began his career with t.v. animation producer Fred Calvert. One of his first assignments? Working on a British project entitled Yellow Submarine, starring a rock group whose name has been lost in the mists of time. (Not.)

    In the years that followed, Mr. Alvarez worked on various features and hundreds of television shows. As he tells it, he’s spent most of his working life fulfilling his junior high school dream of "being an animator."


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  7. ScreenwritingU: BRAVE’s Mark Andrews reveals the secret to writing a Pixar movie

    Ever since the first Toy Story came out and brought us all to tears, screenwriters around the world have wondered what happens in the secretive Pixar writing room.

    ScreenwritingU brings you the inside story to what really happens behind closed doors when writers get to create a movie for Pixar with our one-on-one podcast interview with Brave screenwriter Mark Andrews.

    Brave tells the story a Scottish princess who doesn’t want to go through the process of having an arranged marriage. But oh, do her parents have a different idea. When the princess finds a magical out to her big dilemma, things start to get very odd in Scotland.

    Screenwriter Mark Andrews, who showed up for the premiere Monday wearing a kilt, is just the man to write and direct this kind of story. He knows there’s no such thing as magic. It’s all about hard work.

    “I call the story process alchemy,” says the long time Pixar employee who has worked on titles such a The Incredibles, Cars and Ratatouille. Many consider him to be Pixar bigwig Brad Bird’s “right-hand-man.”

    “We’re trying to turn lead into gold,” Andrews says of the process of writing. That’s not too tough when you have a room full of Pixar writers, right?

    Believe it or not, it’s tough for them, too. The writers usually sit around a big table, which Andrews describes as “chaotic,” arguing and improving scenes as ideas come to them. “Especially with these original tales, it’s hard to do because you’re doing it from scratch,” Andrews explains of the grueling process of designing a story that moves the audience emotionally but is fun and fast, too.

    So, what’s the secret then? How does Pixar leap over those hurdles producing successful stories time and time again? “We go into it intellectually,” Andrews says. “But we come out of it using our guts.” So, there is no science. Not really.

    You just have a use a little magic, which according to Andrews, comes from inside.

    Andrews screenwriting credit list includes John Carter, Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars. Andrews was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in 2006. Brave releases in theaters Friday, June 22.


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