SXSW 2012: Screaming with Laughter: FEARnet TV’s Holliston

Horror and genre programming has been on the rise, with dramas including "American Horror Story" and "Walking Dead." FEARnet debuts its first original series "Holliston," a new type of horror sitcom.

The show is the brainchild of Adam Green (creator, writer, executive producer, director, star) and best described as “The Big Bang Theory” meets “Evil Dead II.” Set in the town of Holliston, MA, the series follows the lives of Adam and Joe, two friends chasing the dream of becoming successful horror movie filmmakers. They scrape to make ends meet in their post-college jobs at a Boston cable access station where they also host a late night movie program called "The Movie Crypt."

The panel moderated by Drew McWeeny of HitFix will explore the path taken by Green, Joe Lynch (executive producer, star) and Peter Block (executive producer, FEARnet network president) to make a genre lover’s dream into reality.

This panel reaches beyond genre and horror. It speaks to anyone who has ever felt that undeniable spark to pursue a creative passion.

MODERATOR Drew McWeeny Film Editor HitFix