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I’m an animator from Rochester, NY. I drive a plastic car. Here are some podcasts that interest me. Mainly about movies, books, technology, and science.

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  1. Saturday Night Rewind 00 - The Origin of Fright-Rags

    This is a special introduction episode of Saturday Night Rewind podcast featuring the origin story behind Fright-Rags. In this episode, Ben Scrivens talks how and why he began Fright-Rags and reflects on the past 15 years of being in business. He also discusses why he is creating this podcast and the reason behind the name Saturday Night Rewind.

    Make sure to check out FRIGHT-RAGS for kick ass horror shirts and accessories at www.fright-rags.com and follow them on social media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/frightrags Instagram: @frightrags Twitter: @frightrags

    ——————————- Also, follow Saturday Night Rewind as well! Facebook: facebook.com/SaturdayNightRewind Instagram: @saturdaynightrewind


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  2. Misan[trope]ly: Interview with Larry Cohen

    Welcome to a special feature here at the Misan[trope]y Movie Blog! Recently, I had a chat with one of the best known cult movie writer/directors: Larry Cohen.

    Cohen has had a career that has included hit television shows, blaxsploitation classics, and blockbuster screenplays, but he carved his unique place in film history by writing and directing memorable b-movies like The Stuff, It’s Alive, and Q: The Winged Serpent.

    For more on his career, check out the Larry Cohen Collection here at Misantropey, where I have been working through his entire filmography.

    Now, enjoy this interview with the one and only Larry Cohen.


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  3. FC3 Monkey Business: International Table Top Day with Professor Scott Nicholson

    International Tabletop Day, is a worldwide celebration of tabletop gaming for all members of our incredible community. In its seventh year, the day-long event is filled with gaming events, charity fundraising, and collaborative online entertainment. Join C. and the other Monkeys while we talk about board games and Escape Rooms with Professor Scott Nicholson, Professor of Game Design and Development at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario and the director of the Brantford Game Network game lab (BGNlab).


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  4. Make it then tell everybody: Lucy Bellwood

    Lucy Bellwood and Dan Berry talk about other people’s audiences, what makes a project scary and being accountable.

    If you want to support the show, the best place for you to do so is through the Patreon site.


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  5. Back to Work 337: Cognitive Bottleneck

    August 18, 2017 at 4:00PM • 1 hour 11 minutes

    TOPIC: How do you know when you’re legitimately overwhelmed?

    This episode, your hosts catch up on Florida, schedule and sleep consistency, ladders vs. walls, travel mania, and the fraught landscape of personal device security.

    Your hosts respond to listener feedback and questions regarding feeling overwhelmed and dealing with dumb clocks.


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  6. 002: Frank Chimero, The New Golden Age of Bookmaking

    Designer and author Frank Chimero discusses the process behind his book, "The Shape of Design." We also dig into the normalization of paying creative people to make things via crowdfunding or patronage platforms, and why there’s never been a better time to make books. Show Links: 

    frankchimero.com Shape of Design online

    Shape of Design Kickstarter Kevin Kelly’s 1,000 true fans

    Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, Kickstarter

    Robin Sloan Writes a Book, Kickstarter

    The Field Study Handbook Kickstarter Art Space Tokyo Kickstartup: Successful fundraising with Kickstarter and remaking Art Space Tokyo

    Full transcript and audio online at: https://craigmod.com/onmargins/002/  


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  7. Lovecraft eZine: Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure - an interview with creator Livia Boar

    Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure - an interview with creator Livia Boar

    Jul 17, 2017 In this episode we talk with Liviu Boar, co-creator of GIBBOUS, an upcoming Lovecraftian horror-comedy game. And in the second hour, we share our picks of the scariest horror movies and books of all time.

    Become a Patreon and get access to my brand new Lovecraftian fiction podcast, plus bonus nonfiction podcasts!

    Check out the Lovecraft eZine Press books.

    Email the show: lovecraftezine@gmail.com

    NOTE: Scott Thomas, author of THE SEA OF ASH, could really use some help right now. Please check out his gofundme and help with a few bucks if you can.


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  8. RAM Podcast: Ep 131 - Johnny Gruesome

    A murdered teen returns from the grave to seek vengeance… On this special episode of the podcast, the forthcoming film, Johnny Gruesome, directed by Greg Lamberson (Slime City and Killer Rack).

    The movie wrapped up principal photography in New York State and Jeff had the pleasure of visiting the set and chatting with: April Ann (co-star), John Renna (co-producer), Greg Lamberson (director), Craig Lindberg (special effects), and Anthony De La Torre (star)

    A big thanks to Greg for the invite and to all the awesome guys and gals on the set of Johnny Gruesome!


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  9. Daughters of Darkness Ep 4: Andrzej Zuławski part 1

    In the fourth episode of Daughters of Darkness, Kat and Samm begin a four-part discussion of the career of Polish director Andrzej Zuławski. Meant to be a celebration of his life and incredible work, the episode begins with a brief discussion of his early years, particularly his training as an assistant director under Andrzej Wajda. This is followed by a discussion of his two short films for Polish television, The Story of Triumphant Love (1969) and Pavoncello (1969), two lesser seen and perhaps more conventional works, where he established a number of the themes he would use throughout his career: love triangles, troubled romance, hysterical women, literary source material, and dizzying staircase sequences. This is followed by a lengthy exploration of his first feature-length film, The Third Part of the Night (1971), which was co-written by Zuławski’s father, Mirosław, and is loosely based on the elder Zuławski’s experiences working in a typhus lab during the Nazi occupation. The episode wraps up with a look at The Devil (1972), Zuławski’s unhinged second feature, a film that was promptly banned by the communist government and resulted in Zuławski’s departure from Poland and relocation to France. Set during the period of German occupation in Poland in the late eighteenth century, the film follows the homeward odyssey of a troubled young man who is released from prison by a mysterious stranger.


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  10. MixingLight SRR Part 3: DaVinci Resolve 12: Areas for Improvement

    MixingLight Special Report Resolve 12 Public Beta 1: Areas For Improvement


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