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  1. Portaloo Performances and Caravan Cuts

    Wallis Bird has released six studio albums. She's done the major label to independent artist thing. She's won two Meteor awards and was nominated for the Choice Music Prize in 2017. She's been working out of Berlin since 2006, affording her an interesting perspective on the Irish music industry.

    —Huffduffed by microscopicmilton


    Leon & Chris chat to singer songwriter David Ford. With seven albums penned in the last 15 years he is man that values craft over commercial and music over business. Having been voted 'Album Of the Year' twice in the Sunday Times and Word Magazine, the Guardian called him 'one of Britain's best.'

    We catch up with him as in isolation at home with his wife and young daughter. He freely admits that his life in isolation is not unusual. He spends most of his time writing music alone and has shunned conventional ways of making and releasing his work.

    We talk about how he views modern music, writing for one of the world's biggest artists, over coming his demons and some good old fashioned Mind Yer Coronas.

    With a mixture of chat as well as some of his most loved tracks this is the point where Chris and Leon think they are DJs.

    —Huffduffed by microscopicmilton

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