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  1. Tyson | Fresh Air, 27 April 2009

    Charting The Career Of ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson:

    Journalist Elmer Smith first met Mike Tyson when the future heavyweight champion was just turning 18. Smith, who worked as a boxing writer, a general sports columnist and a general news columnist, went on to cover the ups and downs of the boxer’s career. Smith is an editorial columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News and a member of the paper’s editorial board.

    Talking ‘Tyson’ With Filmmaker James Toback:

    In his new documentary, called simply Tyson, filmmaker James Toback turns his camera on Mike Tyson — the controversial former heavyweight boxing champion. Tyson, infamous for taking a bite out of Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997 — and for his 1992 rape conviction — talks directly to Toback’s camera, telling his own story in between excerpts of archival footage from his life and career.

    Toback, the screenwriter behind Bugsy and director of films including Two Girls and a Guy, has been Tyson’s friend since the boxer was 19 years old; Tyson premiered in 2008 at the Cannes Film Festival, and opened in the U.S. April 24.


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