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  1. Dark Secrets: What Science Tells Us About the Hidden Universe

    No mystery is bigger than dark energy - the elusive force that makes up three-quarters of the Universe and is causing it to expand at an accelerating rate. Join a panel of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientists who use phenomena such as exploding stars and gravitational lenses to explore the dark cosmos.


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  2. What Would I Want? Sky

    Animal Collective

    *note: first song to legally license a grateful dead sample.

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  3. Crystal Castles & Outkast


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  4. Drake - 9am In Dallas Freestyle


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  5. The Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast: The man behind the Large Hadron Collider

    Alok Jha and Ian Sample talk to Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn-Smith, who was instrumental in the creation of the Large Hadron Collider

    Our own science correspondent Ian Sample has written a book about the LHC’s quest for the Higgs boson, Massive: The Hunt for the God Particle. He was happy to tell us all about it.

    Producer Andy visited the new Skin exhibition at London’s Wellcome Collection, where he got to wear a "social condom".

    We also highlight an experiment in science journalism we are carrying out on our website. Story Tracker. It might just revolutionise the way we cover major science stories.

    Finally, next weekend is Science Hack Weekend: Get Excited and Make Things with Science! at the Guardian’s offices in King’s Cross, London. Bring your own bunsen burner. (Actually, don’t.)


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  6. Reith Lecture 3: What We’ll Never Know

    Astronomer Royal Martin Rees explores the challenges facing science in the 21st century. In his third lecture from his professional home, the Royal Society in London, he explores What We’ll Never Know.

    From http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/reith

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  7. The Art of Doing Remarkable Things | Lateral Action


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  8. Why It’s Hard to Admit to Being Wrong

    We all have a hard time admitting that we’re wrong, but according to a new book about human psychology, it’s not entirely our fault. Social psychologist Elliot Aronson says our brains work hard to make us think we are doing the right thing, even in the face of sometimes overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    Elliot Aronson, co-author, Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me); social psychologist; professor emeritus, psychology, University of California Santa Cruz.


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  9. Clay Shirky and Cognitive Surplus

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  10. Consider the Lobster

    Readings | The David Foster Wallace Audio Project


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