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  1. Design matters - Jason Kottke

    Jason Kottke is a blogger and developer living in NYC. As editor of kottke.org for the last 14+ years, he’s scoured nearly every corner of the web for juicy links and things for people to read. Jason is also hard at work on Stellar, a web app for tracking and discovering your favorite things online.

    In the past, Jason did research on non-crystalline solids, designed websites for people, made a bitmap font called Silkscreen, and experimented online at 0sil8.

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  2. Web performance today

    At Velocity EU, Joshua talked to Patrick Meenan, one of the creators of WebPagetest — the seminal testing tool for the performance industry. They talked about WebPagetest's humble beginnings on a corner of Patrick's desk at AOL, where WebPagetest is going, and why Patrick should never get in the UI business.

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  3. Unprofessional

    Amy Jane Gruber joins Lex and Dave to discuss parenting philosophies, knowing your spouse for your entire life, and what it’s like being married to the second most famous Gruber on the planet.

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  4. Making sense of the price of milk

    Cheap milk is driving a hard bargain between the dairy farmers and the milk processors. Facing big cuts in milk sales to supermarkets and stiff competition in the marketplace generally, dairy processor Lion is cutting contracts back and paying less for the milk they buy from farmers. But consumers are loving the low prices and sales of supermarket brands continues to increase.

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  5. This American Life: Reap What You Sow

    Alabama's new immigration law aims to make life so difficult for illegal immigrants that they will "self-deport." And in a way it's working. Immigrants are fleeing Alabama…but not just the illegal ones. This and other stories of people living with the unintended consequences of their decisions.

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