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  1. Chris- Crazy Crazy

    2003   JANUARY 3   #003

    Chris - Crazy Crazy

    In the world of Organ Grinder records there are many misses, but this album by Chris Anderson (who appears to prefer to just be called "Chris" as his stage name) gets me dancing around and tapping my toes. He’d make Lenny Dee mighty proud with his take on this classic song. The LP is a vanity pressing (no date, but I’m guessing from the late 70’s) and features Chris on the Hammond Console Series 2300 and Model B-3 Organs. Here’s the text from the back cover of the album, "In every young person’s life there comes a time when a commitment must be made as to what they want to do with the rest of their life. From the foot tapping rhythm of the up tempo tunes to the tender emotion of the ballads, the listener can experience and realize the total commitment that has influenced Chris and his music from the beginning. Chris’ natural talent reaches out to music lovers of all ages. His artistry and arrangements at the organ keyboard fascinate his listeners. The selections chosen for this album reflect the requests presented to Chris wherever he appears, whether in concert or in a personal appearance."

    • Otis Fodder

    TT-2:46 / 3.18MB / 160kbps 44.1khz


    —Huffduffed by michaelsmanley

  2. The Space Lady - Major Tom

    2003   JANUARY 2   #002

    The Space Lady - Major Tom

    Wonderful outer-space Casio cover of Peter Schilling’s 1983 hit "Major Tom (I’m Coming Home)". Find out more about The Space Lady here and check her out on the new CD "Songs in the Key of Z Volume 2". Want to contact The Space Lady? Well go on! You can visit her myspace page!

    • Otis Fodder

    TT-5:05 / 5.82MB / 160kbps 44.1khz from cassette, "The Space Lady by Amazing Thingz" (1990)


    —Huffduffed by michaelsmanley

  3. WFMU - 365 Days Project (2003)

    2003   JANUARY 1   #001

    Unknown (Two Women Singing) - Audiodisc Recording (78rpm)

    Found at the Seattle Goodwill in 2000. Two women singing quite off key and really going for broke on this home recording. To find out more on acetates and audiodiscs click here. Quality of the disc is very scratchy, it sounds at times as if was used as a Frisbee and there’s an annoying hum throughout the song but to clean it up would be pointless. Enjoy it as if you put the needle down yourself.

    • Otis Fodder

    TT-2:36 / 3.57MB / 192kbps 44.1khz


    —Huffduffed by michaelsmanley

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