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  1. Stephen Batchelor - Truth and Violence

    Secular Buddhist Stephen Batchelor on Truth, Violence, postmodernism’s critique of grand narratives and… how all that relates to Buddhism.

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  2. Awakening from Belief - 2 - Karma

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  3. Awakening from Belief

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  4. Reith Lectures Archive: 1996 3. Building the Web

    Professor Jean Aitchison delivers her third Reith Lecture from her series entitled ‘The Language Web’. She examines the predictable way in which the language web develops in children and how adults can help, and sometimes slow down, a child’s progress.

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  5. Program or Be Programmed - Douglas Rushkoff

    webinar with Douglas Rushkoff returning to talk to us about his new book, Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age. We’ll talk about the difference between directing technology and being directed by it, and the implications of this in education. Thinking twice about our use of digital media, what our practices are doing to us, and what we are doing to each other, is one of the most important priorities people have today—and Douglas Rushkoff gives us great guidelines for doing that thinking. Read this before and after you Tweet, Facebook, email or YouTube. —Howard Rheingold

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  6. Full Interview: Cathy N. Davidson on Evolving Education | Spark

    Nora speaks to Duke University professor and author Cathy N. Davidson on radically reforming education to meet the demands of the 21st century.

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  7. Videogaming as Literacy

    TV Ontario discussion on how videogaming is its own literacy and important to education.

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  8. Jerry Mintz. alternative schooling

    Jerry Mintz has been a leading voice in the alternative school movement for over 30 years. In addition to his seventeen years as a public school teacher and a public and independent alternative school principal, he has also founded several alternative schools and organizations and has lectured and consulted around the world.

    Jerry was the first executive director of the National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools (NCACS), and was a founding member of the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC).

    In 1989, he founded the Alternative Education Resource Organization. He continues to serve as AERO’s director and as the Managing Editor of AERO’s networking magazine, The Education Revolution.

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  9. A new school for digital kids

    Ever notice how fast kids kids seem to learn intricate video games? There’s a school of thought that says there’s something about the nature of games that help kids learn effectively — perhaps more so than in traditional school-based learning. There’s a new public school opening soon in New York City that aims to use game design principles to create immersive, game-like learning experiences for students. Quest to Learn is a grade six through 12 school that will open its doors in the fall.

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  10. A 19th-Century Mathematician Finally Proves Himself

    Charles Babbage, the man whom many consider to be the father of modern computing, never got to complete any of his life’s work. The Victorian gentleman was a brilliant mathematician, but he wasn’t very good at politics and fundraising, so he never got the financial backing to finish any of his elaborate machine designs. For decades, even his fans weren’t certain whether his computing machines would have worked.


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