Product Lessons Learned: A Conversation with Shreyas Doshi & John Cutler

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  1. #146 Hacking Your Product Management Career with Gibson Biddle

    What would you do if you weren’t afraid? That’s the question Gibson Biddle has asked himself repeatedly over twenty years as he took on product leadership roles at a half-dozen Silicon Valley startups. Gib will share what he learned through both success and failure in a very personal way.

    In this talk Gib: - outlines the technical and functional leadership skills of a product leader as well as the challenges you’ll face at each stage in your career as a builder - talks about how a strategic, hypothesis-driven approach will help you to embrace risk in your career, and - describes how building a "Personal Board of Directors" accelerates career growth.

    "Hacking Your Product Management Career" was presented on 9 November 2017 by Gibson Biddle. Sponsored by Vivint.

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  2. Marty Cagan in Coversation with Sohrab Salimi about Product Leadership | Agile Insights

    This is the first recording from the new Agile Insights "in Conversation" format. We will present you one thought leader every month who talks with Sohrab about a certain topic.

    This Time, the great Marty Cagan, Author of books like INSPIRED and EMPOWERED was our guest. He talked about Product Leadership and what it takes to become a great Product Leader.

    Our next conversation is on December 7th at 5p.m. and you can find out more about the upcoming speaker at:

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  3. One Knight in Product - Episode 48 - Treating your Career as a Product & Making a Wicked Impact as a Product Leader (with Gibson Biddle)

    An interview with Gibson Biddle. Gib is the former VP of Product Management at Netflix and former CPO at Chegg. Now he’s a product leadership coach and answers product management questions on his mailing list, Ask Gib. We talk about how he optimises his content with NPS, starting a job as a product leader, getting good at it and when to quit. We also cover some tales from the old days of Netflix!

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  4. HubSpot’s Kieran Flanagan on product-led growth | Inside Intercom

    HubSpot’s VP of Marketing and Growth, Kieran Flanagan, speaks to Intercom’s Amanda Connolly about everything from how to determine when product-led growth is right for your company to measuring growth with your north star metric.

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  5. Product Strategy with Intercom Co-Founder Des Traynor by The Growth Show

    Product Strategy with Intercom Co-Founder Des Traynor

    by The Growth Show

    published on 2015/05/07 20:50:04 +0000

    Des Traynor is one of the best in the business when it comes to product strategy and managing growth.

    He joins HubSpot’s Meghan Keaney Anderson on this bonus episode of The Growth Show to talk about why product strategy means saying no, the best ways to get customer feedback, and why you should think about a cupcake instead of baking a wedding cake.

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  6. Chris Miller (Hubspot) Using Advanced Segmentation to Serve a Diverse Audience

    In this episode we hear from Chris Miller, the Director of Product Growth at Hubspot. Chris has been a key growth leader at Hubspot for over 4 years and he’s been instrumental in driving the company’s adoption of product led growth. Blake and Chris unpack the differences between growth marketing and growth product, how to use the 3 D’s to solve growth problems (discoverability, desirability, doability), and how Hubspot uses advanced segmentation to serve a large and heterogeneous pool of prospects.

    All of that and more on this episode of BUILD.

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  7. How to Unleash Your Leader Within by Kenneth Berger, Slack’s 1st PM

    Product Management Event at the Product Conference about Unleashing Your Leader Within.

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    Kenneth shared his insights and hacks on leadership. The first thing you need to do is "let go of being right". That’s not the focus in your job as a product manager. He also talked about how to be effective, how to get stuff done, how to communicate and influence.

    Kenneth Berger is an executive coach with 10+ years background in tech product management, most notably as the first PM at Slack. Today he focuses on helping startup executives and product managers achieve their career goals and fulfill their true potential.

    Chapter 1 0:04 Speaker Introduction Chapter 2 1:20 What Is Leadership? Chapter 3 2:35 Which Beliefs Are Limiting Your Potential as a Leader? Chapter 4 3:37 Lesson #1 Learned at Adobe Chapter 5 7:03 Lesson #2 Learned at YesGraph Chapter 6 10:28 Lesson #3 Learned at Slack Chapter 7 16:51 Lesson #4 Learned Coaching Chapter 8 21:32 Leadership Comes from within

    ABOUT US: Produ…

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  8. YOW! CTO Summit 2017 James Brett - Hacking Digital Leadership

    Making the shift from technologist to successful leader is challenging. The transition causes anxiety for most of us as we fear being seen as incompetent. The shift has us move from a world of well-defined problems to one that is grey, ambiguous and often has long feedback loops.

    This presentation will share the insights of the 40 digital leaders interviewed (with a combined experience of over 400 years in tech) on how they became leaders and what it takes to be a successful Digital Leader.

    Learn how to transition from technology to people, balance tactical and strategic operation and the 5 key recommendations of the Digital Leaders Career Success pyramid.

    I’m a CTO and Leadership Development Coach with 15+ years in digital product development. I have worked on digital transformations, strategies and lean startup product development for major clients such as BCG DV, Qantas, Suncorp, Telstra and VW, in Europe, China, USA and Australia.

    For more on YOW! conferences, visit

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  9. Why Product-Led Organizations Win With Pendo CEO & Founder Todd Olson

    Did you think product-led growth was something just for people doing "growth hacking?" Turns out that being product-led is about way more than just growth and instead is one of the best ways that a company can get their customers what they need, faster. In this episode Maggie gets the real scoop on all things product-led from Todd Olson, CEO and Founder of Pendo, who recently wrote the book on the subject. Want to learn more about being product-led? Check out Todd’s new book here:

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  10. #11: David Peterson of Airtable on Strategies for Bottoms-up B2B Growth (Angular Insights Series)

    As an early employee at Airtable, David Peterson has learned a few things about bottoms-up growth and the no-code space. In this session, David will discuss topics such as driving bottoms-up growth for a horizontal product with an ill-defined category, and leveraging no-code tools to empower early stage teams to move faster.

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