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  1. Meet Australia’s Chief Metrologist, Dr Bruce Warrington - Afternoons - ABC Radio

    He’s known as the Australian doctor of time, but Dr Bruce Warrington’s official job title is Australia’s Chief Metrologist, responsible for everything from the litre of petrol you pump into your car to the weight of the ham you buy for Christmas lunch.


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  2. “Here be dragons”: The numbers and sequences we know, and those we don’t - Self Improvement Wednesday - ABC Radio

    See if you can wrap your head around this fascinating maths lesson from your teacher Professor Nalini Joshi from the School of Mathematics at the University of Sydney as she dives into the world of unseen numbers, sequences and functions; and how they can be applied in the real world.


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  3. The art of more - did maths create civilisation? - Science Friction - ABC Radio National

    One, two, three … and then … more. When humans learnt how to count to more, then came mayhem and marvels. Bestselling science writer Dr Michael Brooks on The Art of More.


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