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  1. Nick Drake: ‘A Real Musician’s Musician’ : NPR

    The English folk artist died long before his songs found a wide audience. Joe Boyd, who produced two of Drake’s three albums, is releasing an album of live performances culled from a series of Nick Drake tribute concerts.

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  2. Three Records from Sundown

    Nick Drake died in 1974, an unknown songwriter with three failed folk albums to his name. But fast forward to the present, and Drake is considered among the most important musicians of his time.

    In Three Records from Sundown, Charles Maynes retraces the roots of the Nick Drake legend through interviews with Drake’s producer Joe Boyd.

    Three Records From Sundown won the Directors’ Choice Award in the 2009 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.

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  3. Cello Song

    Nick Drake covered by The Books and Jose Gonzalez.


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