DPCRadio: Plant Pyrus in your system

Anyone that has written a Content Management System or a blog system, has quickly realised that people will want to extend the functionality of the application and thus the developer has to embark on a journey to write a plugin system with everything that comes with that.

One of the biggest parts of any plugin system is the part that deals with discovery, installation, upgrading, dependency handling, infrastructure and other equally boring things. An essential part of any plugin system yet everyone dreads writing it, and few actually take on the task of writing it.

With Pyrus (the new PEAR installer) these tasks will not only be easy to do but also a joy. By embedding Pyrus in your application with its lavish new APIs you can use a tried and tested solution that hundred of thousands of people use every day on their command line, but you will be able to provide it right IN your tool, in your admin area, properly integrated with the layout and dictating the flow of the processes so it fits the ideologies of your software. Learn how to provide your users with fantastic experience, at the low price of using in the Pyrus installer in your application instead of trying to write your own solution.

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