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  1. Game School #15: Urban Shadows - Game School

    Game School talks with Mark Diaz Truman, co-creator of Urban Shadows!

    In this episode we learn that when it comes to being supernatural, the super part is only half the story!

    Hosted by Satine Phoenix and Chad Parish, and co-produced by Peter Bryant and Chad Parish.

    Let us introduce you to your new favorite game.

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  2. Verdant Mountains Episode 1: Night Falls | [insert quest here]

    The first episode of a our new online campaign of Apocalypse World! This campaign takes place in an overgrown world. Powerful, wild plants choke the sprawl of lost cities, as people try to survive beneath the canopy. Our game takes place in the Verdant Mountains, an area of the Reclaimed Earth that surrounds an old hydro dam.…

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