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  1. Scalability: Covering Your Rear with a Good Backend

    With nearly 2 billion people online worldwide and the potential for online startups to become the next big thing overnight, companies must be prepared to handle the massive amounts of traffic they strive to acquire. However, not everyone with an idea for a potentially successful website is a network engineer. This panel will inform those who run startups, or companies that are thinking about changing their infrastructure strategy, about the latest options for building out the networks from multiple executives who have had success with the options on both ends of the spectrum, hand build servers to 100% in the cloud. Panelist will discuss options in infrastructure housing, such as: in-house, outsourced or in the cloud. They will also address the pros and cons of each, what kind of business models will benefit the most from which network configuration, and the immediate and long-term costs involved.

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  2. Play at Work: Agile Games for Productive Teams

    Get together with other conference attendees and play games in this unique participatory interaction. If you are curious about Agile development and want an insider view of the activities Agile teams do every day, this session is for you. A special emphasis will be placed on experiential learning through Agile games and exercises, such as "Story Writing" and "Planning Poker," in this hands-on, interactive session. Learn first-hand how games and other Agile tools and techniques can be successfully adopted by project teams, resulting in rapid delivery and improved teamwork. Participants will be strongly encouraged to share their own experiences and learn from each other in this session.

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