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  1. Caustic Soda - Cannibalism

    Join us at the table and chow down on a podcast full of tender, succulent information. Our main course today is “long pig”, aka “human flesh”! How does it taste? Who are some of history’s most infamous cannibals? Was there any cannibalism in World War II? You’ll even hear about people volunteering to be cooked and eaten alive! This episode features “Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals” by Raymond Scott.

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  2. Caustic Soda Podcast: Volcano

    What’s it like to be horribly killed by a volcanic eruption? What’s a cryovolcano? How would you score on the volcano pop quiz? Find out in the hottest episode yet of Caustic Soda yet. Pompeii, Mt St Helens, Krakatoa – you got nothin’ on us! Features “Too Darn Hot” by Cole Porter featuring Ann Miller. “You’ve gone too far this time, Joe, Toren & Kevin!”

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  3. Caustic Soda - Two tickets to Parasites

    Caustic Soda Episode 2: “Two Tickets to Parasite” AKA “Things That Make You Go EUGHHHH” – Joe, Kevin and Toren talk about liver flukes, ichneumon wasps, guinea worms, the life cycle of the facehugger and the chestburster, and of course Star Trek 2’s ceti eel. Featuring “Burrow Your Way to my Heart” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.”

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  4. The Conversation 2: Don’t Twiddle the Knobs

    Today my guests are Dave Nanian, Adam Keys, Christina Warren, Mike Davidson, and Merlin Mann.

    We discuss Flash, HTML5, and the future of the web, Gowalla, Daringfireballwithcomments – was it legal? was it wrong? was it funny? the newsvine acquisition and NOT selling out or giving up the indy spirit, how to not dupe your readers, technology and kids, comments and giving up control, and how creating an identity on the internet can be both good and evil.


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  5. The Art of Do-Foo

    The one thing that sets a nerd apart from a hacker, a dork, or anyone else for that matter is simple. Nerds seek to quantify every facet of their lives. From baseball statistics to Star Trek trivia, there’s a little nerd in all of us. But true nerds pursue the quantification of everything. The idea of this talk is to quantify successes and failures within the New York City community. By utilizing modern information theory and simple statistics, we can isolate the key factors that have both positively and negatively influenced the culture in our region. Why have specific projects succeeded? Why have others failed? What are key factors in the success of a community? This talk will have fun exploring a roller coaster of statistical exploits on what may be one of the coolest and difficult to quantify datasets our planet has ever known. Learn how to get down with your nerd self in a fun and educational foray into the hacking culture, and the numbers that comprise it.

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