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  1. Sophomore Lit » Episode 2: The Catcher in the Rye

    Episode 2: The Catcher in the Rye

    February 2, 2015

    Phonies watch out. This discussion of J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in The Rye is extra long. Who’d have guessed that John Siracusa would have so much to say? Check into a seedy hotel and have a listen, won’t you?


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  2. Quantified self experiments

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  3. Tim Ferriss and Arnold Schwarzenegger

    In this episode, I interview the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger… at his kitchen table. We dig into lessons learned, routines, favorite books, and much more, including many stories I’ve never heard anywhere else.

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  4. Paul LaFontaine: Heart Rate Variability and Flow

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  5. Snowden and Scheier

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  6. Frequency of Corrective Exercise

    Gray Cook answers the following question: “When you are training/rehabilitating a client/patient using the Functional Movement Screen and subsequent Reactive Neuromuscular Training, or RNT, how often do you do the movement pattern?”

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  7. Fitness Tips for Desk Jockeys

    Does Gray Cook have a daily desk jockey movement prescription?


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  8. Why some people find exercise harder than others?

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  9. Breathing and Heart Rate Variability

    Gray Cook further explores the topic breathing specifically the link between breathing and heart rate variability.

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  10. The Rough Elements of an Annual Plan | The Weekly Briefly

    For the last episode of 2014, I wanted to talk about planning for the next year. It’s not nearly as lame or tedious as it sounds — in fact, it’s something my wife and I have done for the past 3 years and we look forward to it.

    A good annual plan should help you:

    identify what you want to do

    identify what you don’t want to do

    discover what you need to do

    And then, give yourself permission and freedom to do those things you want and need to and stop doing those things which you don’t want/need to do.

    Sponsored by

    Yosemite: The Apple conference with a view.

    The awesome members of Their support makes the work I do a sustainable possibility.

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