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  1. ‘Making a Murderer’ Atty Dean Strang dispelling rumors about the infamous case: “This stuff drives me nuts!” | WGN Radio - 720 AM

    Making a Murderer documentary (Netflix)

    ‘Making a Murderer’ Atty Dean Strang dispelling rumors about the infamous case: “This stuff drives me nuts!”

    Making a Murderer documentary (Netflix)

    Netflix’s smash hit, “Making a Murderer” tells the story of Steven Avery and his conviction for murdering a young photographer in Manitowoc, Wi.

    Dean Strang represented Steven Avery at trial and joins Roe Conn, Anna Davalantes, and Atty Mike Monico to address some issues that have come up since “Making a Murderer” made its debut, including why Steven Avery purchased handcuffs shortly before the alleged murder.

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  2. Podcast #2: Bruce Schneier on the Golden Age of Surveillance | The Technoskeptic

    Photo ©Geoffrey Stone.

    Happy Holidays from the Technoskeptic! Please enjoy this premium content for free. Internet security expert, privacy advocate, and author Bruce Schneier speaks with the Technoskeptic about the public-private surveillance partnership that monitors everything we do, and what needs to happen in order to restore our privacy. If you like what you hear, please subscribe to get access to all past and future podcasts on The Technoskeptic.

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  3. Flatball Radio: Refs

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  4. Tracking 102,856 pushups

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  5. Mathematics of Love

    Mathematician Hannah Fry talks about love in terms of three "mathematically verifiable" tips: how to win online dating, when to marry, and how to avoid divorce.

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  6. MWOD Hangout | Feat: Kelly Starrett & Levi Leipheimer

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  7. Matt Mullenweg on Tim Ferriss Show

    Matt Mullenweg has been named one of PC World’s Top 50 People on the Web,’s 30 under 30, and Business Week’s 25 Most Influential People on the Web. In this episode, I attempt to get him drunk on tequila and make him curse.

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  8. Sophomore Lit » Episode 2: The Catcher in the Rye

    Episode 2: The Catcher in the Rye

    February 2, 2015

    Phonies watch out. This discussion of J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in The Rye is extra long. Who’d have guessed that John Siracusa would have so much to say? Check into a seedy hotel and have a listen, won’t you?


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  9. Quantified self experiments

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  10. Tim Ferriss and Arnold Schwarzenegger

    In this episode, I interview the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger… at his kitchen table. We dig into lessons learned, routines, favorite books, and much more, including many stories I’ve never heard anywhere else.

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