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  1. Jenn Schiffer On Why PHP is the Best Conference Subject | Ladies in Tech

    Jenn Schiffer On Why PHP is the Best Conference Subject [ 28:54 ] Play NowDownload

    AKA: podcast title link bait!

    Let’s dig into public speaking with JavaScript-maker, art-maker, writing-maker: Jenn Schiffer! Jenn started in public speaking through teaching and then explains how she made the adjustment to speaking at conferences and how that’s been awesome. We also talk about how the lack of meetups near Jenn in North Jersey led her to start her own meetup! Hear how she got that started, challenges with it, how to lead groups, and how to handle hecklers.

    Also hear about how Jenn’s writing has turned into invites to give satirical talks! She’ll also be emceeing CSSConf. How cool is that?!

    Episode 20 with Jenn Schiffer

    Jenn thinks code, art, and jokes are a slam dunk, and tries to apply all three to her everyday life. She is the creator of, amongst other code/art projects, and writes tech satire on a number of mediums.

    Before joining Bocoup, she was a senior front-end developer at the NBA and, before that, taught and evaluated computer science education at Montclair State University. She is the organizer of JerseyScript, a front-end developer meetup based in New Jersey – one of several ventures she has become involved in to attract and retain more people in the web development community.


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