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  1. Scott Hurff’s first product launch was “wrong”, but $50k later he knows it didn’t matter

    30x500 Alumni Scott Hurff joins Alex Hillman. They talk about how Scott’s approach to building products has changed, and what he’s learned from both of his launches.

    By his own measures, Scott’s first product - a technical course for designers wanting to use Quartz Composer - was far from "perfect". But even without perfection, his launch still exceeded his expectations and earned him $10k on launch week.

    Then, when he improved his launch by incorporating ebombs & our 30x500 launch sequence technique, Scott more than tripled his launch revenue.

    Also, like a lot of us, money isn’t the only motivator. Scott’s learned that there’s some amazingly good feelings that come from being in the business of helping people succeed.

    Tune in and learn a whole lot from Scott’s experience. Check out his blog at

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