Ep. 08: “The Reptilian Behind the Long Pig Mask” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann

The Problems: bad advice from cartoon cats; bad advice from guidance counselors; getting high in an urchin’s proto-hole; the curious ubiquity of Romanian adhesive; the hollandaise tulip hysteria; Alexandria’s perfect bibliographical storm; John’s dance with a Moorish stirrup-wrangler; disarming goats in a Moroccan abattoir; the puckish naming quirks of Erik the Red; a substantive misunderstanding about ephedrine; remembering a wondrous and well-hung city; making connections by choosing the right colored yarn; Einar’s feelings on lobster; the refreshing nature of citrus huffing; why Al DiMeola can’t be in John’s band of Kims; some historical tattoos of “Northern Utah”; John’s offer to help in a yak vest; and considering the erotics, edifice, and relative economics of the “$50 Lunchtime Handjob.”