Sound Opinions 496: Scharpling & Wurster and Spring Record Reviews

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  1. Show 496: Scharpling & Wurster and Spring Record Reviews

    reviewThe Fun Rises, The Fun Sets available on iTunesVan Hunt The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets

    Atlanta multi-instrumentalist Van Hunt has flirted with mainstream R&B success, but his genre-hopping tendencies have kept him from a wider audience. Jim thinks that’s a shame, as his latest album The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets confirms that Van Hunt is one of the most innovative voices in neo-soul music along with Kendrick Lamar and D’Angelo. Jim sees both depth and joy in the record. The lascivious, erotically charged moments are naughty, yet never offensive. Van Hunt’s musical prowess is on fine display, as he plays every instrument himself. Greg hears The Fun Rises as more narrowly focused than the previous album What Were You Hoping For? in a good way, showcasing a more uniform trippy funk style. For Greg, it’s a record that works equally well for headphone listening as for dancing. Both critics give Van Hunt a Buy It.

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  2. Clopfic Reading - Nightmare Night: The Dark Mare Rises

    Nightmare Night: The Dark Mare Rises by ShotgunNeko Link -

    "When Twilight falls ill, Luna (disguised as Nightmare Moon) cums to the conclusion she needs to get laid. How many of Twilight’s cute little friends can she bed in one night? As many as she wants! She’s THE Nightmare Moon for crying out loud!"

    Music used - In the Dark of the Night (1997), Anastasia OST by David Newman I own nothing in this video.

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  3. #219: The Real Life Story of Hemingway and The Sun Also Rises

    Ernest Hemingway is a literary legend, but unlike many literary legends, he gained that status while at the very beginning of his career when he introduced his first novel, The Sun Also Rises.

    My guest today has published a detailed account of how Hemingway created his first novel. Her name is Lesley Blume and her book is "Everybody Behaves Badly: The True Story Behind Hemingway’s Masterpiece The Sun Also Rises." Today on the show, Lesley and I discuss Hemingway’s drive to revolutionize literature, the authenticity of his manly persona, and the real life party in Spain that inspired his classic debut novel.

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  4. Special 67: The Dark Knight Rises

    1. Juli, 2012 Spilletid: 43 minutter (25,7 MB)

    Så er Dobbelt D tilbage fra sommerferie! Vi laver en blød start med denne anmeldelse af biograf-aktuelle The Dark Knight Rises.

    Får Christopher Nolan afsluttet sin Batrilogi på en værdig måde, eller er The Dark Knight Rises det moderne svar på Batman & Robin? Er problemer fra The Dark Knight løst, eller er de blevet værre? Og vigtigst af alt: Er motorcyklen tilbage?

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