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  1. On Being , God and Death - Alan Watts

    “Western religions are more concerned with behavior, doctrine, and belief than with any transformation of the way in which we are aware of ourselves and our world.”

    “And very often it seems to me that reality appears rather much as the world is seen on a bleak Monday morning.”

    “Indeed one might say that psychoanalysis is based on Newtonian mechanics and in fact could be called psycho-hydraulics’s.”

    “If therefore, the human race is to flourish we must take charge of evolution.” “As Jung once suggested, life itself is a disease with a very poor prognosis. It lingers on for years and invariably ends with death.”

    “When somebody speaks as an authority it means they speak as the author. That’s all it means.”

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  2. Happiness around the World: the paradox of happy peasants and miserable millionaires

    The determinants of happiness are remarkably similar around the world, in countries as different as Afghanistan, the U.S, and Chile. Income matters to happiness but only so much; friends, freedom, and employment are good for happiness, while crime, poor health, and divorce are bad. Paradoxically, however, people in places like Afghanistan can be as happy as those in much wealthier and safer ones like Chile. One explanation is the remarkable human capacity to adapt to adversity and hardship. While adaptation may be a good thing for individual wellbeing, it can also result in collective tolerance for bad equilibrium which are difficult for societies to escape from.

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