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  1. 460: Retraction

    We've discovered that one of our most popular episodes contained numerous fabrications. This week, we detail the errors in Mike Daisey's story about visiting Foxconn, which makes iPads and other products for Apple in China. Marketplace's China correspondent Rob Schmitz discovered the fabrications. Transcript. Press Release.

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  2. Ep. 33: “That Was a Pretty Good Day” - Defocused - Defocused Podcast

    Dan discusses his Groundhog Day (1993) menu, and Joe does the Pennsylvania Polka.

    Links for this episode:

    Dan Sturm on Storming Mortal

    Joe Watches Firefly

    Announcing Foremost | Imprint

    Divergent costume visual aid

    Groundhog Day (1993) - IMDb

    Groundhog Day (film) - Wikipedia

    Karas Kustoms - Pens

    Help Myke Get To The 2015 Atlanta Pen Show — The Pen Addict

    [MP3]: Ep. 33: "That Was a Pretty Good Day"

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  3. 125: Long, Hot Showers with Merlin Mann

    Brett discusses the notion of high-temperature water immersion as a

    treatment for sleep disorder and creative blocks with Merlin Mann.

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  4. 355: The Giant Pool of Money – This American Life

    <html><img src="; alt="The Giant Pool of Money" height="auto" width="auto"> <br> <p> A special program about the housing crisis produced in a special collaboration with NPR News. We explain it all to you. What does the housing crisis have to do with the turmoil on Wall Street? Why did banks make half-million dollar loans to people without jobs or income? And why is everyone talking so much about the 1930s?</p> <ul> <il> <b>PROLOGUE</b> <p>Host Ira Glass talks with an NPR business and economics correspondent about two gatherings he attended - one at the Ritz Carlton and one at a community college in Brooklyn. The first was an awards dinner for finance professionals who created the mortgage-based financial instruments that nearly brought down the global economic system. The other was a non-profit conference for people facing foreclosure. Ira explains that today's show lays out how the finance guys and the people facing foreclosure are connected by a chain of middlemen, and that together, they all brought about the current housing and credit crisis.</p> </il> <il> <b>ACT ONE</b> <p>This American Life producer Alex Blumberg teams up with NPR's Adam Davidson for the entire hour to tell the story - the surprisingly entertaining story - of how the U.S. got itself into a housing crisis. They talk to people who were actually working in the housing, banking, finance and mortgage industries, about what they thought during the boom times, and why the bust happened. And they explain that a lot of it has to do with the giant global pool of money.</p> </il> <il> <b>ACT TWO</b> <p>Alex and Adam's story continues.</p> </il> </ul> </html>


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  5. 99% Invisible - 15: The Sound of the Artificial World

    Without all the beeps and chimes, without sonic feedback, all of your modern conveniences would be very hard to use. If a device and its sounds are designed correctly, it creates a special “theater of the mind” that users completely buy into. Electronic things are made to feel mechanical. It’s the feeling of movement, texture and articulation where none exists. We talk with Sound Designer Jim McKee of Earwax Productions about the art of designing organic sounds for inorganic things.


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  6. Dare I Say, Kubrick? - The Talk Show - Mule Radio Syndicate

    The Talk Show

    Episode 2

    May 24, 2012

    Dare I Say, Kubrick?

    1:25:56 Download MP3 (46.6 MB)

    Special guest Adam Lisagor joins John Gruber to discuss the whole thing with the show leaving 5by5, spitball ideas Apple might add to iOS 6 and iCloud, and gush over the trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming film, The Master.

    Websites we mention:

    The MacWarehouse Catalog Cover Lady

    The first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master

    Adam’s 2007 iPhone Copy and Paste Concept Video

    Sandwich Video

    Musical interlude - Branches by Dan-O Music

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