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  1. 13: “Racing Bulldozers” with Stephen Hackett

    Brief beverage banter before breaking down Pirates of Silicon Valley.

    Links for this episode:

    Stephen Hackett (ismh) on Twitter Relay FM 512 Pixels - Stephen Hackett Joe’s Defocused PoSV Fan Art Pirates of Silicon Valley (TV Movie 1999) - IMDb Stephen Hackett: “Seriously, WTF is this” Steve Ballmer Museum Scene Bill Gates - Mugshot Macworld NY 1999 - Noah Wyle imitating Steve Jobs Macworld Boston 1997 - The Microsoft Deal Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Jobs (2013) - IMDb

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  2. Core Intuition » Episode 148: A Little Peach Pie Kit

    Manton and Daniel continue their discussion about the challenge of succeeding in the App Stores and in general as an indie software developer.

    Download (MP3, 51 minutes, 24 MB)

    Unread’s First Year – Jared Sinclair on the costs and rewards of his iOS app, Unread.

    Cocoa Radio Episode 1 – 2005 interview by Blake Burris with Jesse Grosjean of Hog Bay Software

    Hog Bay Software – Jesse Grosjean’s Bangor, ME based software company.

    Kaze: Ghost Warrior – Animated short film produced on $5000 from Alaska.

    Daniel’s 1.0 Tweet – “If you release your 1.0 with awareness that you may not succeed until 5.0, you’re in good shape.”

    Being Indie in 2014 – Gus Mueller chimes in on the recent discussion about the viability of software biz.

    1068 Days – Gus Mueller’s classic 2005 post about becoming an indie.

    Who at the Table… – Brent Simmons asks how many indie developers are succeeding on iOS.

    The Financial Side of Mac Apps – Tyler Hall looks at his yearly Mac app sales.

    Wii Transfer – Manton’s most successful product that he never kept developing. :)

    Fredericksburg, Texas – A town with a lot of peach trees.

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