Live RANT - I’m being attacked by False Prophets!

People in various forums discuss me and call me names. This will be a response to those I call False Privacy Prophets.

For those of you who have watched some of the thousands of live streams I’ve done on Periscope you will know what’s up. I don’t like being attacked and I don’t like my reputation besmirched.

You will learn once and for all why some people claim to understand privacy but really don’t. You will learn why I’m worth listening to and why I shouldn’t even bother with Youtube or even these people who claim to know more. You will learn why they are WRONG!

Because of the Youtube format of single topics, it has not been conducive to a big picture understanding of what makes me different. So what I will talk about is hardly mentioned in any Youtube video. But we will do this live. Unscripted.

You will learn a lot. Guaranteed.

Introducing my new channel - Rob the Half-Baked Prepper

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