Live - Seriously Folks - Time to Change Phones! Or You get Zucked

Especially now with irreversible contact tracing code being forced on us, tracking in protests, and just being observed in these troubled times, it’s time to break free! You can’t just sit there helpless!

And then we will proceed with weekly Q&A


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I’m the Internet Privacy Guy. I’m a Public-Interest Technologist and hacker. I’m here to educate. You are losing your Internet privacy and Internet security every day if you don’t fight for it. Your dat/ is collected with endless permanent data mining. Learn about a TOR router, a VPN , antivirus, spyware, firewalls, IP address, wifi triangulation, data privacy regulation, backups and tech tools, and evading mass surveillance from NSA, CIA, FBI. Learn how to be anonymous on the Internet so you are not profiled. Learn to speak freely with pseudo anonymity. Learn more about the dangers of the inernet and the dangers of social media, dangers of email.

I like alternative communication technology like Amateur Radio and data communications using Analog. I’m a licensed HAM operator with a General license.

Contact Rob on the Brax.Me App (@robbraxman) for encrypted conversations.

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