Linux Phone vs. De-Googled Android AOSP - Which is better for Privacy?

There are two options to get some privacy when using mobile phones. These are Linux Phones and AOSP (De-Googled) Phones. Which are better?

These two types of devices operate on different privacy principles and this video gets into how one type of device deals with data exclusion while the other approach deals with data disinformation.

Linux Phones can be Ubuntu Touch (Nexus 5, Oneplus One), Pinephone (Ubuntu Touch, Debian/Phosh, Nemo/Sailfish, etc.), Librem 5 (Phosh, Ubuntu Touch) and many new ones coming out soon.

AOSP (De-googled) include LineageOS with No GAPPS, /e/ Foundation. GrapheneOS, and my own BraxROM. These are all fine. They just use different devices. All have no Google on them and are built in a similar way.

Some of these are available on my store so check the link below.


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