Life creation, life extension and alternative life forms

Are humans becoming a creative force that creates life from dead matter? Exploring new life forms, extending our life span tremendously, or even rejuvenating…it is now, at reach. Especially if we grow our own new organs thanks to stemcell research: will we become super evolved life forms with enhanced features and an extended life span?

Original Title: The mind of the universe

Lee Cronin, creator of alternative life: Non-biological life, you would say that this is impossible by definition. But that happens to be what he is trying to create. All life on Earth uses DNA or RNA and proteins, but is that the only option? Maybe this is just the only form that is left here on Earth, and we overlooked other life forms. And maybe there are other planets or life forms with a totally different basis. Cronin is looking for chemical reactions which are at the beginning of life: He does so with a kind of chemical search engine, that processes chemical structures endlessly. Will his lab create alternative forms of life?

George Church, creator of new life forms: likes to think about the future, and foresees tremendous changes in everything we know about life. Especially thanks to genetics. The Church lab was the first one to use the new CRISPR-Cas technique to transform human stem cells: a new form of life…

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