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  1. 4: Page Turner

    It's the end of the Macworld as we know it.

    GuestsJohn Siracusa@siracusaHypercritical SiteAccidental Tech PodcastJason Snell@jsnellSix ColorsSerenity Caldwell@setterniMorePersonal SiteReferencesMacworld (Wikipedia)John Siracusa on Steve Jobs & the original issue of MacworldMac ClonesMacUser (Wikipedia)Macintosh II FXChandler Bing reading Macworld on FriendsMacworld to end print edition (NYTimes)Jason Snell: Goodbye MacworldMusicThe theme music is by Terique Greenfield.Ad music is by Kebu.Scoring for this episode is by the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder.Brought to you by:Unread: an RSS reader. Features an elegant UI, great typography, and eight color themes.  Available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.ICONIC: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation. Buy the book on Amazon or get one of the special editions. Get 10% off and free shipping on a special edition using offer code 'MACFM' at checkout.Patreon supporters like Zach Kahn, Marco Hyyryläinen, John Gruber, Daniel Cacace, and Alan Braverman. Thank you.


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  2. 206: Brett Terpstra *drink* | Mac Power Users

    David and Katie sit down with Brett Terpstra drink to talk about his current projects, Marked 2, text, automation and being obsessive about making great things.

    Thanks to MPU listener

    Jigar Talati for assistance with the shownotes this week!

    Links for this episode:

    MPU 045: Finding Files and Tagging | Mac Power Users

    MPU 081: Workflows with Brett Terpstra | Mac Power Users

    Mac Power Users 167: Workflows with Brett Terpstra | Mac Power Users

    Marked 2 – Smarter tools for smarter writers

    Marked 2 Mac App Store Link

    MPU 011: Services and Macworld 2010 | Mac Power Users

    Markdown Service Tools –


    Daring Fireball: Markdown

    Home | kramdown

    MPU 037: Markdown and MultiMarkdown | Mac Power Users

    Katie and David tackle the use of Markdown and MultiMarkdown to write for the Web and more. This episode also includes an interview with Fletcher Penney, author of MultiMarkdown.

    Ulysses III


    Creating Content with Markdown: Learn by Video: Simple, future-proof writing with plain text | Peachpit

    Creating Content with Markdown: Learn by Video: Simple, future-proof writing with plain text.

    PDFpen for iPad: Edit and Sign PDFs on Your iPad – Video Tutorial

    David Sparks did this new soup-to-nuts video tutorial that shows you (almost) everything you need to know about PDFpen for iPad. Epic!

    Brett’s PopClip Extensions – – Home Page

    Star Wars Celebration The Ultimate Fan Experience – Star Wars Celebration • April 16 – 19, 2015


    Mac Power Users 177: Workflows with Gabe Weatherhead | Mac Power Users

    David and Katie talk with Gabe Weatherhead (aka MacDrifter) about being a Mac geek in a PC office, DEVONThink, and his automation workflows.

    An unsolicited GeekTool showcase –

    GeekTool: Tynsoe projects

    GeekTool is an application for Mac OS 10.6+. It lets you display various kinds of information on your desktop via 3 default plug-ins

    How To Customize Your Desktop with GeekTool | Mac|Life

    Geeklets – The best place to get GeekTool scripts

    Google Charts — Google Developers

    A brand new approach to screenshot software | Clarify-it

    Indigo Domotics – Advanced Mac Home Automation Software

    INSTEON – Indigo 5.0x Pro INSTEON – Compatible Software

    Adonit | The Best Fine Point Stylus for iPad & iPhone

    Jot – Amazon Link

    5by5 | Systematic #103: Speaking Of Stage Fright with Nat Osten

    Nat Osten, an iOS developer at Smile, joins Brett to discuss building for the sake of creation, stage fright, high school cafeterias, and the top picks of the week.

    App Camp For Girls – Home

    Pencil | FiftyThree

    Pencil – Amazon Link

    Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Leap Motion | Mac & PC Motion Controller for Games, Design, & More

    Minority Report (2002) – IMDb



    Christina Warren (film_girl) on Twitter

    5by5 | Overtired

    Overtired is Christina Warren and Brett Terpstra, two tech-geeks with unusual sleep schedules coming together to nerd out over gadgets, software, personalities and life. Tune in to find out what keeps them up at night.

    Please support our exclusive sponsor for this episode: Smile:With productivity boosters like the PDFpen Family and TextExpander, Smile makes you a Mac Power User.

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download (Duration: 1:30:39 — 41.9MB)

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  3. Episode 20: Self Doubt with Merlin Mann — The Nudge

    How can we be sure that we're on the right track? Doubt is the rust that eats away at our ability, as designers, to be confident that what we're producing is good and worthwhile.

    In this episode Ross and Josh speak to professional speaking human Merlin Mann about overcoming or, perhaps, embracing self-doubt, to become better producers of quality work. Are we allowed to change our minds and how do we deal with the criticism that results from that?

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  4. Interview of Jason Crawford on Free Objectivist Books for Students: Philosophy in Action Podcast of 29 May 2013

    I'm Dr. Diana Hsieh.

    I'm a philosopher specializing the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life.

    I received my Ph.D in philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2009.

    My book, Responsibility & Luck: A Defense of Praise and Blame, is available for purchase in paperback, as well as for Kindle and Nook.

    The book defends the justice of moral praise and blame of persons using an Aristotelian theory of moral responsibility, thereby refuting Thomas Nagel's "problem of moral luck."

    My radio show, Philosophy in Action Radio, broadcasts live over the internet on Sunday mornings and most Wednesday evenings.

    On Sunday mornings, I answer questions applying rational principles to the challenges of real life in a live hour-long show.

    Greg Perkins of Objectivist Answers co-hosts the show.

    On Wednesday evenings, I interview an expert guest about a topic of interest.

    If you join us for the live broadcasts, you can ask follow-up questions and make comments in the text-based chat.

    Otherwise, you can listen to the podcast by subscribing to our Podcast RSS Feed.

    You can also peruse the podcast archive, where episodes and questions are sorted by date and by topic.

    For regular commentary, announcement, and humor, read my blog NoodleFood and subscribe to its Blog RSS Feed.

    Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and connect on social media too.

    I can be reached via e-mail to

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