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  1. People Suffered to Create The Last of Us 2 - Can You Still Enjoy It? | Dialogue Wheel

    We are a couple weeks away from the release of The Last of Us 2 - one of the most anticipated games of the year/decade/generation BUT Naughty Dog has been accused of some regrettable business practices cited below.

    Considering this, how do you justify with yourself buying/playing this new blockbuster?

    Kotaku article on the abuse -

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    Andy …

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  2. Let’s Get Into It with Neil Druckmann - LEGIT


    Troy and Neil Get Into all things Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog, and so much more. Dig into this episode of LeGiT and let us know what you think below!

    LeGiT (Let's Get Into It) is Relater's Official Podcast featuring Troy Baker as he Gets Into his guests passions toward a deep, rad discussion.

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  3. What happened to PHP 6? :: PHP Roundtable

    Despite the fact that there was never an official release of PHP 6, it was going to be a real thing with a lot of great improvements to the engine and language. But why was this version of PHP never released? We talk with some previous and current internals developers to hear the story of what happened to PHP 6.

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