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  1. Leveraging Cognitive Bias in Social Design - Joshua Porter

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  2. The Seven Rules for Great Web Application Design

    In this lively and interactive session, Robert Hoekman, Jr., the author of ‘Designing the Obvious’ and ‘Designing the Moment’, uses the audience to reveal the 7 essential design principles for achieving great application design and the psychology behind them. And he does it all without a single bullet point (gasp!).

    Robert Hoekman Jr, Miskeeto LLC

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  3. How Much is Too Much? RadioLab on Giving People Choices

    From http://www.wnyc.org/shows/radiolab/episodes/2008/11/14/segments/113274

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  4. Experience Strategies | Jesse James Garrett

    Recorded 2007-02-12: Understanding the psychology behind how users relate to a product is the key to its lasting success. Users tend to anthropomorphize, or ascribe human personality traits to products they use. Products with long-term success have developers who recognize the identity and personality of the product they want to convey. They create integrity with the product and how their users will interact with it.

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  5. The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions

    Usability? Meh. Let’s talk about persuasion. Are you designing serendipity, arousal, rewards and other seductive elements into your applications? We’ll discuss specific ways that sites like Dopplr, iLike and LinkedIn leverage basic human psychology to motivate and shape online behaviors.

    From http://sxsw.com/node/4830

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