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  1. MaxFunCon: Merlin Mann on Doing Creative Work

    He doesn’t fully grasp what the seduction community is about, but there is truth in what he says.

    For example, the Mystery Method fully deserves to be crapped upon and one can empathize with Merlin even if one doesn’t agree with him wholesale.

    He’s an insightful guy, if you cut him some slack on this topic.

    The "community" can handle it, really.

    And let’s be honest: most guys in the "community" are bumbling fools who don’t understand the first thing about real self-improvement—even if there are exceptions.

    Anyway, Merlin’s thesis remains valid.

    It doesn’t require tearing down others; he just chose to dismantle his own (somewhat true) concept of the "community" to illustrate what to do better.

    That’s what we should all be focusing on anyway: how can I do better?

    How can you?


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  2. 5by5 | Quit! #21: Quit & Analyze

    Dan is joined by a familiar guest, Marco Arment, to take calls and discuss Marco’s very recent sale of Instapaper.


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  3. Google Drive and Working Hours

    HN Podcast


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  4. MPU #37: Markdown and MultiMarkdown

    Katie and David tackle the use of Markdown and MultiMarkdown to write for the Web and more. This episode also includes an interview with Fletcher Penney, author of MultiMarkdown. Links of Interest Markdown John Gruber, Markdown Author Aaron Swartz,


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  5. 5by5 | Systematic #33: Merlin Mann - Failing gracefully

    Merlin Mann guests to talk about failure, success and self perception.


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  6. Porn and a Haircut - Unprofessional - Mule Radio Syndicate

    The hypercritical John Siracusa joins Dave and Lex to talk manscaping and Lady Gaga.


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  7. 5by5 | The Crossover #10: Brains Packed in a Nice Skull

    Dan is joined by David Sparks and Jason Snell. They talk about parenting, ebook publishing, self publishing, and more.


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  8. Enough Episode 10 - OmniFocused

    Huffduffed from http://minimalmac.com/post/3450378483


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  9. Creating Flow with OmniFocus

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  10. Core Intuition » Episode 71: Moments Of Fleeting Genius

    Daniel and Manton talk Android on the desktop, consistency of programming languages, and various approaches to to-do list management.

    Download (MP3, 43 minutes, 21 MB)

    TwUI – Twitter’s open source Mac UI framework.
    Chameleon – Iconfactory’s open source Mac UI framework.
    Google Web Toolkit – Google’s framework for building JavaScript-backed sites from Java source.
    Node.js – Streamlined JavaScript based web-development platform.
    Taskpaper – Simple To-Do app from Hog Bay Software.
    Getting Things Done – The productivity methodology by David Allen.
    OmniFocus – To-Do management software from The Omni Group.
    43 Folders – Merlin Mann’s dormant blog about productivity and creativity.
    Back To Work – Merlin Mann’s podcast recently re-focused on Getting Things Done.
    Asana – To-Do management system for teams.
    Things – To-Do management software from Cultured Code.
    Trello – To-Do management and project organization service from Fog Creek.
    Lose It! – Calorie-counting software for iOS from FitNow, Inc.
    Forget Feature Requests – Chapter from 37signals’s Getting Real about ignoring feature requests.

    Sponsored by Crashlytics: The most powerful and lightweight crash reporting service.

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